Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm head over heels at this moment, today beautiful girlfriend Cristina accepted me on facebook as her boyfriend. Since she wanted to know if I was really serious about our relationship, that's why she didn't post it earlier. But now its all changed.. and now she knows how much I love her and want to be with only her. I have always said since we meet 9 years ago... If there's a woman who would do anything for me , Its CRISTINA... And trough this horrible experience of mine, she has proven that to me and by waiting for so many years. Only a woman who loves somebody that much, with so much dedication for one person only. Deserves everything in the world, and most of all high respect and I will give that to respect to her. She has earned it Millions and Billions times over.. if you ever meet her, you will know what I'm talking about. Funny, because I have always said, behind every man success and failure, there is a WOMAN lurking. And I'm glad to have been through so many relationship that I can now finally say Cristina is the one. All my ex's are lovely in their own ways, and I'm sure there is a man for all of them out there. But it wasn't me and we all know that now. truly lucky to have found my soulmate in this life.. Its a exciting feeling right now!! Whoohoo.... Today my company Maximize Promotions also landed a contract with WWW.GLAMOO.COM and on retainer basis. When you keep pushing for your dreams and don't let anything stop you from doing so, you will eventually reach your goal. But to get there you need to start and sometimes It takes a bit longer then you think, but once you get there its magic in the air and your heart fills with hope. Magical feeling i wish everyone can have even if its only for one time.

Took out this pic from Cristina facebook profile pic. Soooo beautiful and when she smiles.. We are so much the same.. Incredible!!

Still a uphill battle I'm facing here in London, but surely and hopefully the tables are turned soon.. I'm on it everyday!!

I'm also excited to start working with Louisa from Glamoo.. Really cool girl with great ideas.. We will be a dynamite team together...

Swing to you all players.. And let the good times come our way :)