Friday, June 04, 2010

Dear players, Check this out... And I can't believe they took me for the BAD GUY!!

That's what happen when they don't do a good investigation to sum it all up. One of the police officer is called "DC WILLIAMS" with Marylebone police station in London.. Sad guy who don't have time for his wife in the house, he told me that himself during questioning me.. So I guess he try to let it out on all the people, they trying to catch.. What they try to do its making this their own case, by trying make a picture of what they believe.. not was it the truth.. Which I told from the beginning"THE TRUTH".. That's unfair and inhumane thing to do.. Another word: CORRUPTED!

However truth will always prevail, can't twist it! SORRY COPS..

This driver/ bodyguard (Sarkis Tokatlian), also got caught with CLASS A - drugs while I was in prison and the police let him go. Just take a look at this guy convictions..
11 Convictions. and was has he made expect driving a car for a cocaine addicted Saudi princess - MS SARAH AL AMOUDI(my former girlfriend)..... Hmmm!