Monday, February 04, 2008


Gives the latest of marketing and online promotion a new name.
The aim is to make our clients' brands more famous and more profitable.
With the use of 10 different major online communities, such as,,,,, facebook, blogs and throughout personal network to name a few.
Our clients video will receive thousands of visitors already in the first week.
The process starts already once the client have briefed the RIBBSAETER PRODUCTION on their event/party. Then after RIBBSAETER PRODUCTION will integrate their ideas as a professional in the industry.
RIBBSAETER PRODUCTION is handling everything from Filming,Interviews,Editing, to selection of music.
Included to our service. We offer free of charge hosting at the event from celebrity UNIVERSAL PLAYER himself.
Is your company/brand ready taking it to the next level?
Then this Production is for you.

Get your EVENT/PARTY exposure as well.
For enquiries, please contact.
+66 816 238 463