Monday, February 04, 2008

From far left: Olivier , Julio (Manager at Giusto) , Oxana , Joyce & Me.

This was the first business meeting with my new four partners last friday evening.
We had a fabulous dinner at high end restuarant Giusto bangkok, Italian food serves on the Menu.
The restaurant features a central bar, the main dining room, two smaller dinning areas including a smoking area and a private dinning room which seats up to 16 diners.

Work your way through a gastronomic dream menu of some of the most creative and exciting food to be produced in the region. A walk into the glass cellar houses a boutique selection of hand picked wines sure to appease any vin aficiando.
This evening wasnt just a experience of great food & wine, but company as well of new friends. For those who wonder what “JOPO” stands for ??

Its the name for our future event company. The letters J-O-P-O, stands for our names. Joyce, Oxana, Patrick & Olivier. It was actually me who came up with the name first. I though it had a touch to it somehow. My new excited partners agreed after 1 hour of bringing ideas to the table on and off.

The nmame is always important in business as I see it. Why I came up with this anme is, becayse its unique and when people ask what is JOPO!. We will tell our names, so in that sense. Not only are we promoting out unique name, but we also are selling in our name in the same time. That's the way to do it. The logo I created as well. But I this is only temporarily until we get our graphic designer to do the work like we all want it.

Oxana Is my partner already from Blink-models bangkok. We jst merged our companies together as Ive told you players in my earlier post.
Joyce, is a beautiful black model with experience from events and I'm sure she can bring many good thigns to the table. I hope..
Olivier, Hmm.. where to start. Olivier is a hotel builder among many other things and now he can add events to his list as well.
This is a tough team of four, that is ready to take over the Thailand scene as well Asia with new influences and creativity.
More news to come from us...

For more info about our personal business outside JOPO! event company.

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