Saturday, June 02, 2007


Dear Players,

So tired now....

Time is now 01.30 Just finished our shoot a while back. Had some night dinner with some other talents from the shoot.
This is a video respond to some questions I have received. THis will be a ongoing 'VIDEO RESPOND' thing from now on...

If you have any questions about the fashion,modeling, me etc..

Don’t hesitate to leave me your comment, all questions will be taken under consideration and will be answered.

Well, its time for me to sleep now. Need to wake up in 3.30 hour from now. Wake up cll at 05.00 Am for makeup and then, we will all (Production, talents etc) will travel for 3 hours by car to another city for today video shoot..
Will make another video tomorrow afternoon, before heading back to Seoul.
Hope you all “PLAYERS’ had a great weekend with a lot of good memories. I sure did ;)

Best wishes to you all.

Cheers and keep smiling.


Here are some photos from my last editorial shoot for High-End magazine "Noblige". It turned out in the end, the magazine decided not to use the photos for this month. Because the concept didn't fit their profile.. There was actually another magazine who wanted to buy these photos from 'Noblige", But the magazine 'Noblige" Didn't sell it to them. Which where a good call. Especially when they don't have my permission to do it ;)

The colour you see here in this post, isn't the right color. Don't know what the problem is, must be something wrong with
These photos are more for you to underatand the way of working in front of a camera. Its all an act, and don't forget that ;)

Click on photos to enlarge..