Thursday, May 31, 2007


Dear Players,

Wow. this has been a long week and its not yet finished. Its now Friday morning 07.00 Am.
Have a casting at 09.30 for underwear, the client is really interested to see me today. I was suppose to have a work for magazine today as well after the first casting, but the editor postponed for another day. There had been some problem with getting the clothes for the shoot or something. What ever ! Great, so I can take some time off and get a tan today.
Another female models is joining our group today. her name is “Daria”,only 17 years old.
Since my first day(Tuesday) working for the video outside “Seoul”. Was long and tiring. We arrived late Tuesday night. Once we arrived I needed to sit down and do my post for the blog. It turned I didn’t get any sleep at all. Instead I sat up to 07.00 Am and went directly for makeup. The director seemed to be a bit stressed and not in the best mood to talk..
See my video for more of his face expression. ha ha...
The first day was long... After arriving to the location, there was not breakfast waiting or any seats to sit on. In my eyes, It wasn’t planned enough. “the production sucked”.
And the ones who get to suffer, is us talents, make up stylist etc. But its a challenge we need to fight against and win.
I did make some remarks on this,, and hope they learned something from what I told them. Its just me, I can’t shut my mouth about these things(Sometimes I can).
The project was for a Nuclear power plant that is under construction and will be finished year 2009. This in house video, the Nuclear power plant will present to their people on business meetings etc. Nothing for the public eye...
The location for this shoot, was of course around that area where the company was going to be.. I don’t know about you. But I have never had the lucky experience to entering a Nuclear Power plant before until today. And I must say its something, that you don;t get to do everyday in life. I did get a movie from inside, to share with you.
There where 6-8 talents more for this video. We foreigners had to act like “Professor etc” and we are visitors who will give our comment on the Nuclear power plant Bla bla bla. It was quite fun.. Nothing major in terms of acting. Anyone could have done this video. The shoot was going on all day long. We stayed awake shooting for about 16 hours without much food. I hate that. We had late lunch, and not much for lunch at 12. Then working late until 22.00 Pm without any food. That’s crazy! To me, some people don’t understand how important these elements re. Like eating food and sleeping enough to look better. Some people or production houses, think by saving lunch, to stress the shoot. The shoot will be better. My father always told me “Patrick, if you don’t eat,sleep and take your vitamins etc, how do will you be able to work then’ ? And he is so right. Once people start budgeting them self and beliefs, Their work will never improve or become better....
Second day of the shoot went a bit easier. Started out early morning in Beautiful fishing village )6.00 Am. Beautiful day and very kind village people. One of the talents :”Kenny” from Canada was saying “ I;m sure these village people have seen more Aliens then mdoels like you guys ;) heee.. I’m sure !
It was very interesting to see how the fishermen where doing business between each other. And the koreans are so nice and friendly people. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was so good for the my soul to leave “SEOUL” and experience / see all these beautiful things life has to offer..
We finished off a few scenes on the Harbour with the fisherman’s. And drawn us self out more to the pier, we we stayed for a couple of hours, had some quick breakfast and some more scenes. It was a very beautiful day. I also got to see these famous diver ladies, that is about to die out. I remember seeing this on a documentary one day, but never expected to see it with my own eyes. These ladies are the older religion. I don’t know the name of them, But they truly are the mermaids of the sea. The dive and stay under the water for about 5 minutes looking for seashells etc. What a amazing experience all this in one day..
One th shoot on the pier had ended, the director gave us talents some time off. So they could finish off some other locations scenes. All talents, managers, drove ourself to the ebach 5 minutes around the corner and just relaxed and took some rest on the beach. We stayed as well having lunch together at the beach. Some famous korean Chicken soup.
After our brake time, relaxing eating etc. We needed to be back at a park for the last shot. There where a hole pack of kids volunteering to help out with the shoot. I felt so damn inspired by these kid’s who wanted to help out..
The dark started to fall and rainy clouds started to pop out, the weather got cooler during the evening..
Anyway, so we finished the shoot about 20.00 PM.
But out day wasn’t over yet. Still had a 5 hours ride by car back to “Seoul”. I felt so bad for my manager “YOUNG KOOK” who had to drive. IN the car of us, there was another female manager and a korean talent, joining us back to “SEOUL”. All of us feel asleep right way. except my manager “Young Kook “ who had to drive us. THANK YOU “YOUNG” !
So we got back to seoul about 5 hours later. Once we got home. It was back to my laptop to edit the video. And trust me it was a lot. In fact I wasn’t able to post anything on thursday morning, because of exhaustion from the shoot. I weren’t able to sleep, so I stayed awake until 09.00 Am waiting for my manager” jessica to pick me up for the a job. The job was for Bridal wear. Not the best stuff or money I’ve worked for, but I did learn something Which is far more important then anything else ;)
Gotta get ready now. Time is 08.30 and a female manager from another company will pick me up at 09.30 for todays underwear casting.

Hope you had great week. I sure did ;)



In the car to Wolsong 5 hour from the Capital "Seoul". Doing some Dj'ing on the road to location.

Anna & Olga from ejonying the musice from back seat.

My Hotel room No: 505. I Got to share room with my manager, Who crashed early. I sat up all night until morning working on my blog and answering emails. Its though being a model, a (Good model ;)

Sunrise from my room window.

How do you 'Players' like my outfit and pose. Could you ever emagine this guy will become a super model? Exactly, we can't judge people from their look ;)

From Left: Anna , me and Sonny.

Light for the shoot.

The Team and and Assistant Director.

The NUCLEAR PROJECT to be done year 2009

Everyone in position to act.

Looking out over my empire..

This is where to enter for the Nuclear Power Plant.. Had to leave my passport in exhange for a visit card that needed to be changed a second time before stepping in to the Power plant backstage.

Lunch. We our lunch inside the Nuclear Power Plant with some local workers.

Just graduated from Sciene of fashion business Institute Korea. Just look how Happy I am ;)

Chilling out i the sun with the other Talents from the shoot. It looks like we are doing a commercial for Water, right ;)

Group shot !

Patching up out shoes. Because one of the talents "Kenny" had some lines to speak. So we needed to lower the sounds from our footseps. End of the night , we all did footsteps separated. That will be edited later in studio.

Next morning..

Fish Market early morning 07.00 Am. Beautifl people. I bet they never seen foreigners or models live before. It was funny, because one talent "Kenny" sad" I'm sure they have seen more aliens then, seen models like you guys ;) ha ha ha...

This Boat is specially made to capture Octopuss. The lights on top of the boat is for attracting the Octopuss up to the surface, where the fisherman can later on sweap them in.

Photo with some local villaegers. People here was so kind and genuine. A bit intimidated by our cameras, but not unfriendly.

More fish on the go.

On the second location for the shoot, by the lighthouse. It was a beautiful day, hot as hell. Just the way I like it ;)

We finished some parts of the video at 11.00 Am and was going to reunite again at 16.00 pm in a park for the last shoot.
So all the talents,managers took ourself down to the beach and ejnjoyed our day in the sun. Best combination, work incorporated with holiday. Perfect !

Lunch brake.

Chicken Soup, Korean Kimchi,

!6.00 PM Back to location agai,n this time a park with kid volunteers for this video.

The grey clouds are starting to take over the sunny day. A bit of rain staretd later once the shoot was finished. We where all lucky..

Location at the park..

Ready to shoot the last scene..

"Olga" is showing off her magic tongue..

Ready to go home...


Clinet, Photographer, Hair and makeup.

Lunch after the shoot. Salad with noddles and rice mixed up, fish soup and Korean popular "Kimchi"

Casting ofr underwear job...

Some beautiful shots of "Seoul" on a sunny day..