Monday, May 28, 2007


Dear Players,

Been working all day from 2 casting to a photo shoot.
Just arrived at the hotel after 5 hours drive outside the Capital ’Seoul” for my next job on tomorrow(Tuesday).
Its a 2 day job, so I wont be going back to Seoul until wednesday-Thursday. ..Nice.. I needed this break a bit from Seoul. I’m here with my manager “Young Kook” and another female model ”Anna” from the same agency as me. If our shoot finish early tomorrow, we will all head to the beach to swim a bit. I hope we can finish early ! Its suppose to be a very beautiful and historical place where we are now. I'm so lucky !
This post will be short, as I need to leave for bed now. Got work to do at 07.00 Am. That will say in 4 hours from now. But first I need finish this blog post from todays events.
I had a nice job today for a Print ad (Pop) which means my beer ad will be inside most restaurants in Korea. Hmmm, looking forward to see the work once its done. So far so good everything with me. Can’t complain !

But here is a video and photos from today.

Going for castings and job. Manager "Taehee' is taking me..

At my job for a print Ad shoot for 'Cafri Beer".. This is the layout. Even though I did my own freestyle poses in the end for better impact ;)

Getting my makeup ready for the shoot, like every other time.

Start looking like the the guy on the photo...


Hair & make up. She did a terrific work.. Or what do you think ?

Time to work it

Some of my own freestyle poses. Just to hype up the layout a bit. Like I've always told you players before. Take control of THE SHOOT AND DON'T BE AFRAID OF GIVING YOUR INPUTS TO PHOTOGRAPHER & CLIENT..

The team for the shoot... Great guys to work with, even though they didn't speak any english, just like me ;)
But who needs to understand eachother verbally, when we understand each others work ;)

After the shoot I tried to get the agency director to srtike a "'BLUE STEEL" with me. For those who don't know what a BLUE STEEL is. Look it up ! Its a hilarious movie called 'Zoolander" with Ben Stiller. Very old, but still very funny.