Saturday, June 09, 2007


Dear Players,

Today has been a very successful day to me. I shoot the cover for "LUEL MAGAZINE" korea. AND HAVE GOTTEN THE OPPERTUNITY TO WORK WITH SOME MORE GREAT PEOPLE IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY. 'LUEL' Its a magazine giant under ELLE..

Everything was perfect from my arrival to the studio shoot until I got back home.

Even though I gad gotten little sleep the night before, in fact only 1 hour. I wasn’t tired at all, to go a extra round for another photo shoot..

At this moment, everything thing feels like I’m floating on air. Work is doing great my online business is doing great, my health is Ok so far ;)
I’m happily single bachelor these day’s, enjoying everything that comes in to my hands...

My father emailed me earlier this morning complaining on me, because I had spoken about. Me not sleeping that much. His words where kind of rude, and not have though t about when I saw him setting up his business. The problem with people, they are good at giving advices, but they don;t see them self. at least I can see myself. I told him , please leave your stupid comments in the box with the rest of the dumb people. And let me do my work.

Its funny how people, think their life. Many time people complain constantly because they don;’t have enough work, then they complain again, but this time because there aren’t any jobs around. Man, what’s up with people. ??

All I can say is once you have found your formula to happiness, nothing will become difficult for you. I suggest you to look for it now. It quite a ride, to be honest. And you wont regret, that you searched for it.

Back to the shoot. What did I talk about. You see. I forget sometimes, and don’t intend to scroll up on this letter to read it through again. It like when its pure, even if all my sentences doesn’t come together all the time. DID YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEANT ? or did I confuse you already ????

Today I got nothing good to say, except Life is fucking GREAT !

Also, thanks for all emails and friend requests I have been receiving lately. At this moment, I have to answer all your emails quickly, Please bare with me as I have many work to settle now.

Also I want to SALUT PARIS HILTON, FOR HER EXTRAORDINARY WORK. She will be more successful and greater then ever when see comes out of jail. TRUST ME ! I’ve been to jail myself for 1 year 1999. In fact, I still have 2-3 month to settle thsi coming september-october in SWeden, before I can return to India. Its a long story, you all will found out about very shortly...

Stay tuned in for more news on UNIVERSAL PLAYER !

I have a party to attend, what about you ;)

Cheers to you ‘PLAYERS’


Video !

Hair & Makeup

Female model 'Zenya" gets her treatment as well before shoot.

Grrr, time to wake up....

Moree treatemnet in the car to location 1 1/2 hour outside 'SEOUL CITY'.

On location.. Enjoying my daily coffee in the sunshine. This saturday was boiling hot outside. WE where lucky with the weather, ebcause It had rain the day before.

Wardrobe for the shoot. Louis Vuitton, Carlo Pignatelli,

MOre touch up before firing off the HOT photoshoot.

Time to do my thang in front of the camera. As I've told you players before. The client and photographers, where really pleased with my work ONCE AGAIN !

"Zenya' and me joking around during shoot...

Gotta do what a man got to do. ;) Rescue the women, if not.. Our selfs ;) hahaha.

Resting out in the beautiful sun, in my expensive brand clothes.. heee...