Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MONDAY- APRIL 30, 2007

Dear Players,

Yesterday, monday. It was time to party again. This time for male model Nicolas. Most of the models in Korea had got together at Nicolas place to celebrate his Birthday party.
Before that I met up with a friend “Marc Jourdan I haven’t seen for ages, actually 4 years ago. Last time in Thailand.
It was good to see some old faces again. I got to know “Marc” in Thailand. He did the nescaf’e Ad after me. Which made us quite popular around the thai people. You see, thai people love coffee... Especially Nescafe.
At Nicolas place there where a hole bunch of male and female models. in fact there was more women then men which is unusual. Its was paradise in Korea ;)
Today I had a shooting for a jeans company, Will get the photos on monday fro the client.
They where so happy to be working with me. So was I.. The job turned out excellent. Can’t wait to see the photos next week. Tomorrow I have another job for a catalog. Should be interesting ?
I still have some problemw ith my camera on and off. All the photos and videos taken during the day, always get erased somehow. And I don’t understand why ? Will buy a new memory card tomorrow.

Video from Monday.

my agency in Korea "Its models". I'm verty pleased to give them my 10 out of 10 ranking. If you ever come to Korea. Tis is the agency you should work with.. You will thank me later..

Manager/ Booker "Young Cook"

Director " J D" back in his seat. JD Is not a typicall boring director. He is very warm and engaged to make sure the modle are being taken cared of.

Agency car. That takes us to casting and works etc.

Outside the model apartment. The model apartment is very convenient. Can't take photos inside. No cameras allowed !

Korean traffic. Its get's jammed around 5 o'clock.

Casting for "Speedo" swimwear

This writing just caught my eyes. Look what it say's on it. We are a good company not a big compnay. Ahhhhhh..ok.. haha
Why not be a good company and big in the same time, Hmmmmmm ?? Its funny how some people think,right ?

My gym in Korea. Its quite small , but will do for 2month stay.. Invested myself some nice "Whey Protein" as well. Chocolate taste of course ;)

One of the personal trainers there.