Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dear Players,

Another week has passed us..
What have we all learned from this week ??
I have gotten to know a bit more of the Korean culture. And I love every minute of it. Seoul is a very peaceful city. Koreans are very friendly and respectful towards each other, you can feel it in the air just by open your window. Koreans doesn’t seems to be other each pther like we do in other parts of the world. It kind of reminds me about my native country sweden, people mind their own business and try not to bother their neighbor. Ha ha, I guess the only ones making noise in South Korea, are the models here. ha ha.
So far everything has been good. My agency “Its models” are great. The owner JD is really taking care of his models staying and representation in Korea. I couldn’t have met any better person to work with me in Korea. The agency also have four more people working there. Female booker “Jessica” and three other guys Manager/Booker “Kun” Manager “Teehee”, Manager/Booker “Young cook”. All of them great people to work with. Looking forward to lift up their agency good reputation even more ;)
In the model flat I’m staying with 4 more models. I guy from spain “ Angel” and 3 female models “Paula” from Brazil, “Anna” from Russia and :Ela” from Poland. Ela just changed agency today to another Korean agency. She didn’t have much work with my agency “Its”. So she decided to move agency.
Working as a model, its important you know. No matter what. If the agency can’t bring you enough work, you better change agency. But always before leaving an agency. Make sure to leave in good conditions with everyone at the agency. Just because you are not going to work together anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. The world is small, especially in the fashion Industry, and its better to have friends then enemies ;) But enemies are good as well. They will talk, and make you look better then ever. So keep good with them both ;)

I have been working this weekend on finding models for my agency "Its models". Since I'm working as a modelscout. I will present my agency a few models on this coming Monday.
Today Sunday.. I had a casting Tv-commercial. Will know later in the week how everything goes. Chilling out in the couch now at the model apartment. Will go to my gym in 1-2 hours. The gym here isn’t the best I’ve been too during my 24 years alive. But It works. No complain !
This is my gym card. Can play golf at the gym as well, if I want to ;) NICE ! I LOVE MY JOB !

The staff at the gym are very friendly as well. I will definitely have a good time here in Korea. The korean food is “Yummy” but can get quite fat if eating a lot here. Trying to stay more healthy and eat a lot of salads,chicken and tofu.

Also.. I'm glad to introduce my new blog to you all. RIBBCOMMERCIALS !

Click this link for more RibbCommercials

Here are pics with two casting directors from todays Tv-commercial casting.