Monday, May 14, 2007


Dear players,

Today I had a job for Video. That is what they call it in korea. Its actually a video that will be used for this company business metings when showing their new products to important people in the same field. I didn’t ask to much about it. Will ask them more on wednesday. Its a two day shoot for me. But only working half a day 5 hours. But in to be frank, I only had one scene. Which we finished in 20 minutes, because of changes of light equipment etc.
Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures from this job today. Because this product, I shoot for today will be sold on the market year 2017, which is quite long time from now. All I can say it was a job for Samsung new technology. Its very cool what they have for us in the future ;)
So by having me posting their photos, could ruin millions of USD dollar for the company Samsung. But of course, since I’m professional Model/ Person. I know what to do..
DON’T post their photos. Always make sure clients and people can have that important trust when working with you. Its very necessary to stay loyal to your Family, Friends, Partners even your enemy at all time. NO matter what !
So from one thing to another...
Yesterday I told me wife how much we are meant for each other, She agreed with me !
Today I got an email from my ex-wife saying. She would like to build herself and get more establish alone, as I understood. And not being depended on me..
I tried my best to tell her how much I love her and how much I’m willing to do anything to see her again. Even though we have been through the worst things ever couple can do to each other. I feel so happy that we have spoken, clearly about what we wan't in life..Especially since we haven;t heard from eachother for long time now.. Today while working on the video. I came to realize. That what she sad about her doing her own thing for now. Made me feel stronger and better. I’m finally ready to move on with my life as well. Knowing she is happy and doing great in the philippines. Sometime when you love sombody so much, all you want for that person is her/ him to be happy. That’s why I question myself if she really did love me. Because if she would have cared about what I wanted, she would have stayed with me. That’s why I had to let her go and find own path. My path is already written for me... And I don;t want to change that path, its to beautiful to ever change. Its just to bad I can see it and maybe some people more..
Me and AVi are not mad with each other anymore. And that’s one of the best feeling I’ve had since long time now.
It was like a big stone fell off from my shoulders suddenly, and it feels so great and light now. Its almost like I’m floating.....
So now. I’m free like a bird to start my hole life over again tomorrow. I will go out and take the world with storm from now on...
Nothing going to stop me from doing it !

Today I received and email from a person who have been following my blog for quite some time now. And know most of my life experience.
This is what the person wrote to me in my email, about what I had sad about AVi in the last post. I think we all can learn from what this person wrote to me ;)

Hey Patrick,
  Hehehe . . . when I read your post today, I remember the unsolicited advice I gave you in the past . . . told you its great to reconnect with someone who was a part of your life and it is really great that you have reconnected and kept in touch with her. Its a matter of being a great support and it shows that Avi is slowly recovering from depression and working on herself first, who knows anything can happen in the future for the two of you... what is important is that two independent people should be supporting each other since you two got strong and determined personalities, rather than being in a Co-dependent relationship. Atleast now she is thinking for herself first and that is a step to recover from depression, I told you, the joys of helping someone who is important to your life and especially when she fully recovers will be awesome/great! You are going to greater heights in your career and at the same time you're ex is going to greater heights as well and that is
 something fantastic, seeing two people supporting and being there despite all the bad experience in the past is truly inspiring . . . On my side I'm still a support on my friend who is recovering but can't expect that much anymore but what's important i'm still there.

What else ???
Got home late evening today and just got off the gym, been working on my blog and some other internet businesses for a few hours already. Got a call late night from the models saying, they are all going out tonight again because female model “ENIKO” is leaving tomorrow(Tuesday) for Japan.
Told them last weekend was enough for me. Need to get back to work and take things seriously. Can’t party away my day’s everyday, even If I would like to ;)
Here is a video and some photos from today shoot.