Sunday, May 13, 2007


Dear Players,

It has been a very long weekend.

On friday we had all gathered at “Women Model Agency” apartment to celebrate female model “ENIKO” from Hungary. who turned 20 years old.
I’ll think the video will tell you “Players” more about our “ENIKO” birthday bash in Korea.
I made it specially for “ENIKO”. Have a great trip to "Japan" and see you again soon.
Have a also created a new workout video. Its not my best video, but It will do for now.

Please visit this link here.

Been corresponding with my ex-wife, for the last couple of day’s via email. Called her up in The Philippines. And I must say it was so nice to hear her voice again. It has been quite sometime since last time we spoke to each other. I still have difficulties to forget her. And I don’t think I ever will...
She really was the women of my life. I don’t know how everything will turn out from here, anything can happen. My ex-wife is doing well IN THE PHILIPPINES. Currently she landed herself a lead role for a movie. I’m glad to know everything is good with her. I’ve always wanted the best for her,a and she knows that.
I'm so happy to know we are talking again.
MY BABY "AVI SIWA", if you read this.
I will love you for ever ;) YOU KNOW THAT !
Good luck with your upcoming movie.
In fact.
I hate to have problem with ex’s or people in general. There are so many couples breaking up, and never talk to each other again. I always try to stay friends with my ex’s. To me they have been a part and shape me to what I am today. And I thank them for that.

Hope you all “PLAYERS” had a great weekend.



Getting ready to rock !

With female model "Alini" from Brazil.

SPY CLUB where all the models go for PARTY! The place is quite small and packed with people.

Male model/ Actor "Marc" from Germany is resting out after a hard night out.

Got these raw file photos just the other day through email. These are not the ones that will be used for the clients look book.
I was only able to get these photos from the client. The pnes that will not be used..