Thursday, April 05, 2007


Dear Players,

First I want to start of. Telling how pissed I am at this moment. Not pissed so I will suffer or anything. More like... I feel sorry that this has happend. I’m sure you players don’t have any clue what I’m talking about now ??

Well ,let me tell you all.. Today when I checked my jewelry box where, I have my “jewelry & Watches”. Everyday when I come home to the model flat. I put it in my box and never leave any where else except in the box. Last time I was out partying, was this saturday and I came home on sunday afternoon. You all remember right ? Usually if I lose something of my belongings. Its because I’m drunk partying ad forget about my stuff,(In another word) Fucked UP !
This time though I wasn’t even drunk or hangover while returning to the model flat.
Anyway, so today when I came back from the gym at 23.50 Pm. I changed my clothes to take a shower and of course I looked in my Jewelry box. It turn’s out my ‘WATCH’ has been stolen from my jewelry box. I so fucking pissed. Not because of the material thing like a watch. Its more about people’s mentality. I don’t know who it is from the model apartment. And I don’t want to point out any names. Its not necessary. On mondays we have the cleaning lady coming and fixing up the place. The thing is, I had my watch there so many times when she’s been here. And nothing has been touch what so ever. But who knows, it could be her. But my suspicions goes more to the models in the flat. This is not a new thing happen, and what I hear all the time. This is one of the reason why I hate these dub models without brains, values, ethic, intelligence, moral, cheap. I can make a hole list that will reach New York from Australia. I’ll promise you. That’s why I have started to write my book. The truth about the modeling business and everyone in it. The thing is that I love the fashion to much to see cheap people like this fuck it up....
So my suspicions must go of course to the people/models I had argument with these last two weeks’. Wouldn’t you players agree me ?
I told you ‘PLAYERS” about the last week problem. What do you think about this. Is this just bad luck or can you also see a pattern after the last week fight. ha ha.. I mean you don’t need to be detective to understand this. Its definitely one of the models. But I don’t want to point anyone out. I will let this be, because I can’t do that much more now.
For me...
I’m so use to have male & female models around all the time, being jealous on me either because I look better, have better portfolio, better attitude to life, more social, have a future a head, passionate about Modeling, Funny, Always Happy, Well Dressed, Kind, Caring, dance very good, Know my work, make more money then they do, I smell good, Have intelligence, My blog(UNIVERSAl PLAYER), Morals, Ethic, Swedish passport, supportive family, I understand 8 languages. I can go on making a list that will reach New York from Australia. After all I am the UNIVERSAL PLAYER !
Why wouldn’t a person / model be jealous of me ?
Can you blame them, I can’t ;)
Anyway. let the cheap person keep it. The person wont get anywhere in life with that mentality or belief... TRUST ME ! The perosn just educated me more about life and people. Thanks ! on top of that, it became great content for this blog ;)
I will buy a new one soon. It only motivates me to work harder and piss them of even more, next time the person bump in to me I will have to shiny diamond watches on my wrist hah.... Eat that you BITCH !
This morning I woke up at 08.30. Only got 4 hours of sleep. Finished my work on the internet very late wednesday night. The client / fashion editor “Ozgur” was suppose to come and pick me up today at 09.30 But it got postponed due to heavy traffic. Istanbul has a traffic jams here. Anyway, I waited for ‘Ozgur' to pick me up. They came to pick me up at 12 noon lunch. I jumped in his car and met Make up artist “Elcinn’ very sweet person.
The car ride took us about 15-20 minutes to reach the studio. On the way it was an accident right before us. As I sad in my video. Everyday I see one accident here in Istanbul. ITS CRAZY !
We got the studio safe and ready shoot. Everyone started to prepare for the shoot. I did my hair & makeup. In the fashion Editorial today. I was suppose to hang upside down with a rope(same as the ones when they HANG PEOPLE) Just like the one “Saddam Hussein” got around his neck. I spoke out to the photographers and “Ozgur” . This is my first time shooting like this upside down with a snare around my ankles. The Photogarpeher respond. And it will be your last to ;) ha ha with a smile. It was a good joke. So I tried on the clothes and got myself ready to be hanged in my ankles. The problem was that. They hadn’t prepare any second line to hold me in the right position. It was just one snare around my ankles. And I’m not a pussy exactly who complains, but this no one could ever pull off. Try yourself.. Take a rope and and make a snare like the one when they hang people and try. But make sure you don’t kill yourself. I don’t want that blame on me ;)
So finally after 30 minutes. They all decided to push the shoot for tomorrow if possible.
We all packed up and left the studio without any photos. And I wanted to shoot so much. Grrrr...
So in the car I had great discussions with ‘Ozgur’. about the fashion and many other things. We clicked right away. He is thinking the same as me in many places.
So he invited us(Elcinn & me) for Late lunch). AT first I was thinking to go home and relax. But since we clicked and had things to learn from each other. I accepted his invitation. He was so kind to take us along the water in a area call “OrtaKoy”. In “Ortakoy” we landed in a traditional restaurant. It was “Ozgur’ recommendation to try some tradoitional turkish food. And how can I say no to that ;)
I can’t remember the meal we had, but its some like pasta with stuffed meat inside and yoghurt on top. Just top it with some salt & pepper. Yummy !
We had great talk at the lunch ‘Elcinn & Ozgur’ told me a lot about the turkish history. It made me wanna go home and look it up in to learn some more about turkey.. Thanks for that guys ;)
After late lunch we walked a bit around the area taking photos. To find ourself wanting a coffee after the delicious meal we just had.
Its been a excellent day and met two people I will definitely keep my friendship with. So losing that watch doesn’t even bother me ;)
Cheers to positive thinking,.. You people who want me ill, got one word for you all.. Can’t touch me.. BITCHES !
p.s I refer to Man and Woman . JUST FOR THE RECORD !

Here is a video from today and some photos..

Getting my hair & Makeup ready for the shoot.

OK Ok, I know the pants still remain ;) How do you like my legs ?

Just about to get hanged. ohhhhh...

'Ozgur' and me..

Beautiful walking streets...

Todays lunch...

Carved stone with paintings on. If I had more space in my laugage I would have bought one. To Bad ! If anyone of you wants it. I'll get it for you...

My Turkish Coffe. Recommendation again from 'Orguz'. This coffe is so rich in taste it gets your tonsils to melt ;)

Chilling out at Gloria coffee.

Turkish parking lot. Very Smart to save space or ???


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