Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thursday morning.. 02.30

Dear Players,

Today I have been stuck in front of the computer all day long. MY GOD !
Its been great though.. Got a lot of work sorted out. Have millions of emails to answer everyday and working on my online business as well mdoeling agency etc.. I’m really doing my best to answer all of the emails as fast as I can. Its very time consuming, but I love it.. But the MSN I'm trying to stay awayfrom. It will waste my hole day for sure talking to friends, which I don't mind.. BUT ! There is always a BUT.. hee. Today I also attended the gym for 1 hour. Tomorrow morning(thursday) in a few hours I have an Editorial shoot for a magazine. Should be fun. I don’t know who the photographer is yet. I’ll hope he/ she is good. Better be, when taking pictures of me ;)
Today ‘Haley’ left back to Milan to see his girlfriend and friends. It weren’t much work for him here this time. Or for any of the models at this time..He misses the work in Milan. Where he works very well. We wish him and girlfriend all the best. I’m most likely will see them in Milan next time..
So time is now 02.00 AM. Still have some work to finish here, The other models Andrea’s and Kristina have gone to bed all ready. I’m here in the living room listening to Classical music and opera. Preferably Andrea Bocelli. Great voice that man has...
Tonight while opening I had received a very nice message from a woman. Who is born in sweden but wokring in Australia woth animals or snake’s something.

Here is what see wrote.. P.S She call herself “ EM”.

Hey Patrick,

I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed yourself over the weekend, big smile ;)

I have lots to do at the moment, I need to try to finish an “avhandling” inom nagra veckor… iiiiii… But lover been around and de-stressed me, he makes me wrinkle-less - he’s better than “botox” ;) – he makes me beautiful… :) I’m part of the Venomics group that makes drugs…. I’m in the “venomous snake group”, but we have a few poppy seed plantations in Tasmania too… and I’m the new Black Mamba (have you seen the Kill Bill movie?) and I kill with coagulant toxin… and now I leave it to your imagination if I keep the coagulant toxin at home or not… No, no, no, just kidding… the legal drugs… by isolating molecules from the venom from venomous Australian snakes…

I been cruising through your blogs, and I was intrigued (which is a good thing), about your work in India for the less privileged. How is it going?

I'm impressed by everything you do and try to do.

Big smile, Em

PS You sort of keep me motivated in a way, funny hey, I guess that it’s your never-ending energy that “smittar av sig pa mig”.

Some part’s of this message was in swedish. For you who don’t understood it. LOOK IT UP :)

Anyway. What I wanted to say with this message was that. Its people like ‘Em’ who really inspires me to sit and work all these long hours and make videos etc ,everything about fashion & modeling. It really glad me to know you guys appreciate what I do, and when People tell you, how much they love the work you bring to the table. Its something indescribable to me... So lets all start to motivate eachother for the better ;)

Here is motivation for tomorrow(Thursday).

The Power of Choice.

The beauty of being a human being is that we can reason and we can choose
our thoughts. You can choose to create options and responses to produce wonderful
results in your life. An animal receives stimulation and automatically responds. I know
a lot of people like that. They go through life and they are never, ever sure they've got
options. Life can be tough. They just respond without thinking that there are two sides
to everything. As a human being when they receive stimulus from an outside source,
they have the ability to create options in their life.
They have the ability to see all kinds of different things. You have the ability to
choose the thoughts in your mind.

“What you argue for, you get to keep”.