Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Evening 21.30 Pm

Dear Players,
Had one casting today for a jeans company. Afterwards , I did some grocery shopping and chilling out in the house. It’s to damn cold to go outside the house. Right now, sorting out some work now on the internet etc.
Going to head for the gym in a while..

Here is motivation for today Monday !

Mind is not a “Thing”
Mind is an activity
Mind is an image-maker

The Universal Law of Germination

This law says that whatever is planted requires some time before it comes to
fruition. Every idea, every thing that you plant, requires a certain action, a certain
amount of time before the outcome comes. You need to sow your ideas, allow them to
germinate, give them lots of energy and then you will reap the rewards. Remember what
Val Vanderwall says,

“Energy flows to where the concentration goes”

The only way something will grow is if it receives energy. So you have to apply
a lot of energy but be patient. You’ll get what you choose but you got to give it some
time. And sometimes people become impatient when it comes to the acquiring of higher
incomes. It doesn’t happen for them in the first couple of days or couple of weeks. They
then give up. They quit. You can’t force things to happen. If you plant
a carrot, its not going to do you any good to sit there and as the little shoot comes
through the ground, try to yank it a little bit every day. That isn’t going to make the
carrot grow any faster. What you often have to do with some of these ideas, especially
these wealth-building ideas is to just relax and let them take their course. It will happen,
it just requires some energy so keep giving it energy. Remember, force negates. This
is going to require some thinking and some change and it is just a process that will
occur, but you got to understand the law of germination.



Today casting.

Male model Martin is showing a striking pose outside the Advertising company. Go Martin !

Me and ildiko catching up some rest while waiting for our turn.