Sunday, April 01, 2007

Monday morning 04.45 Am

Dear Players,

So another week has passed us by.

How was your week. Did everything turn out the way you wanted and wished for ?
I sure did have a great week. Looking back at the week now with my birthday and all the parties. I don’t have any regrets what so ever.I enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve been surrounded with some very amazing people for the last week’s here in Istanbul and have learned so much about people and Turkey.
Friday Night, I went to “Ulus 29” to support “Elvan” who had a brought a DJ from london UK and to met a friend “Emre”. Got to Ulus by 12.30 night. One the way we picked up the owner of Fashion ‘Julia’.
While leaving the taxi I happen to lose my phone in the car. But I had the luck to cum across a very kind taxi driver. The driver came back to the club and dropped off my phone to the bouncers. Man, I’m lucky for once.. God bless honest people like him.
We stayed at Ulus 29 until 03.30 am, then after we partied the morning hours away at “Cristal”. After Cristal we where invited to a friend of ‘Emre’. We all got to his friend house wand got stuck there until early morning, actually mid afternoon.. After everybody had enoguh of all the parties. I took of... To stay with a female person I met at the party. The person I’m about to mention, preferred to be anonymous and not featured on my blog. I’ll respect that ;)
I stayed at the secret person house all saturday until Sunday afternoon. Spend some good time and had some excellent talk for hours. It was such a great connexion we had in the way we think. Both me and the secret person didn’t want the sun to rise at all. We spoke about everything between heaven and earth for hours and watched some Dvd. In fact I actually had casting on saturday. But didn’t go because I enjoyed the moment to much there and thought. Who knows ? This might never ever happen again. Castings will always be there. But not this unique conversation and friendship we had created only for a short period of time.. And Players. NOTHING HAPPEN ! just for the record...
Time is now 03.00 Am monday morning.
Wont be to dragging on my blog. A bit tired now and need a brake.
I just want to thanks for all the support everybody has given to me so far and will continue to do. I’ll hope ?
You all Players know who you are ;)

P.S Have a great start for the new week..

'Elvan' Manager from Ulus 29.

Owner of Fashion Agency from left: "Julia" with female model Kristina from Romania.

Please give me a Player kiss baby..

And whats up with you guys ?

Aycegul and me.

At Club 'Cristal". Bumped in to model rodrigo from argentina. he was hanging around alone with a hole bunch of HOT BRAZILIAN CHICKS ....

Video Diary 4

P.S. Yesterday I received some old work from Guangzhon(China). It was my agency in Hongkong that send it for me. Its catalog job I did last year while staying there. If you haven't seen a China catalog before. Well, know you have. And its not one of my best work exactly. But it doesn't mean I dont like and appreciate it. But I would never put these photos in my portofolio though. haha...

Here are the photos. Don't die because of watching the quality ;)

Good night...