Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday night 02.00 Am

Dear players,

Its Tuesday night now. Sitting downstairs at 1 th floor from my model apartment of Fashion. Sitting in the couch with "Paola" from Argentina and another agency in Istanbul"POSE". I know the name sounds funny huh. Hahaha Ok lets not tease Paola now. Time is now about 02.00 am Have a fitting tomorrow for a magazine shoot next week or this weekend. Don't have the time yet, but my agency will call in the morning. I HOPE ?????? Turkey you never know.

Today I have been receiving so many emails and congratulations from people I know and people I don't know that well YET. It really glad's me to know I have friends like you all "Players" ;) and that you are all supporting me and my blog. I dont know if its always good to post the things I do , but I see it as a chance for you 'Players' to get to know me better and see a bit how I live everyday and what I'm thinking and dreaming of. And if you been reading my blog since couple of month back. You all know that its not everyday a dance on roses for me But who really have a life always fruitful. I guess 99 % of my days are good. Because I have learned to appreciate the bad experiences as well. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today and where I will go tomorrow. I'm feel truly blessed to have been able to achive so much in 26 years and gotten the oppertunity to create a amazing/interesting life for myself, family ,friends and most of all. For other people less fortunate then me. The last things is still to come ;) haha
Turning into 27 today its a new beginning to something really good. I don't know what it is, but I can honestly feel it all over my body, from head to toe.. Actually,i can see it a bit ;)

Can you feel it my friend ?

Since most of you have been my true folllowers for sometime now. I thought you guys should know a bit more about me and what I want to accomplish in life. For some people it might sound so far away, but for so many. Im sure they will understand.

Keep following your dreams always. Dreams are to come true. I sure will keep on dreaming ;)

A few Things I want to achieve before I die and will do !

Become my own best
Incredible Wealth / Business ventures
Great friends
Great family life
Great kids and grand children and grand grand children
Become a great father, lover and friend.
Want a Super Big house/ Preferably a Mansion.. A few of them..
Many cars / Sports cars, SUV’s, Racing car, Classic cars, Hot rods, Unique Cars. etc
My modeling agency India
My fashion magazine
My event company
My own foundation for underprivilege people. Ahh, do I sound like Zoolander now ? haha
My clothing brand ‘Universal player’
My blog to be the most informative in the world of Fashion.
Reached a supermodell status all over the world.
Date some of the most beautiful women alive.
Traveled all over the world/ Soon that will say ;)
Help poor people around the world from all kinds of ethnic.
I want to be remembered as a great person and friend and from my work.
Great spokes person for Unity and Health, events, charity, etc..
Leaving the world, as a better place before I die ;)

Tomorrow wednesday its my Birthday.
I was planning to have cake in the house with the models.

Keeping the pary for friday night.

Much love to all of you"players", and thanks for coming in to my life ;)



Posting a few photos of me when I was young. HOT RIGHT ;)

Always loved car's.. My father had so many different cars when I was young.

Riding horse in Spain. I don't know what my father and his girlfriend was thinking putting me on this Horse. Haha

These two photos are from when I vacatined in Tunisien"The Sahara Desert". For those who doesn't know" Sahara dessert is the biggest in e world. Not much to do there.
Don't you just love my sens of fashion at young age.. Check those Coca cola shorts I'm wearing. Haha.. Lucky I'm not dressing like today. As I can remember I was screaming on my dad to by me thsoe shorts. Thought I was the hottest shit ever. Haha

Ciaoooooooooooooo..... Hasta pronto !