Monday, March 26, 2007


Dear Players,

Here are some small out takes of what I'm reading during day time, while going for castings.

Hope it motivates you, as it does with me ?

The Universal Laws
We are going to talk about some of the laws that are universal. They have been
around forever. They work whether you know them or not Ð whether you use them for
your advantage or not. They are just laws. Laws work all the time irrevocably for
everybody, irrespective of anything. If you step off a building, no matter who you are,
the law of gravity is going to pull down fast. The same thing with these universal laws.
It's pretty important to gain an understanding of these powerful tools, which will allow
you to experience what you want out of life.

Choice, not chance determines destiny.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

The law of sowing and reaping is the first of the universal laws. It is really the
law of cause and effect. Whatever you sow and plant in the garden will produce a crop.
For every cause, there is a corresponding effect. So I suggest you use this law to your
advantage. You are going to manage what you sow and you are going to manage what
you reap. What you sow is a cause, is what you receive in effect.

What is impressed upon the mind,
must be expressed in the body.

If you sow poverty thoughts into your subconscious mind, guess what you are
going to receive? If you sow wealth-building thoughts, thoughts of prosperity, you will
produce whatever you plant in the treasury of your mind. Whatever you sow you are
going to reap. You cannot plant one type of seed and produce a different type of harvest.
That's a law. If you sow wheat, wheat is what you'll get every single time. You are no
different. Your wonderful subconscious mind is exactly the same.

The Law of Polarity
This universal law is so powerful. I use it every day of my life. There are two
sides to absolutely everything. Everything is equal and opposite. If something is very
bad it has the potential to be very good. If something is terrible, it has the ability to be
fantastic on the other side. Everything has two sides to it. You can’t have an inside
without an outside. Something can’t be along way up and not be along way down. If you
have an inside of a book, you have to have an outside of a book. There are two sides
to absolutely everything. Why is it that so many people only ever focus on one side?
You are free to choose whatever you want to concentrate on. Understand this:
if your situation is dire and bleak, bad and sad, ugly and mean, it has the ability to be
absolutely fantastic. No matter where you are today, everything thing that you encounter
is effected by the law of polarity that says there are two sides to this. Start training
yourself to see the good in everything. Start training yourself to see the opposite. There
are two sides to everything.
When Donald Trump was $981,671,000 in debt, (that’s almost a billion dollars
in the hole) do you think that Donald ever worried if he would bounce back? No.
Because he understood that if something is bad, within it, is the ability to become very
good. In everything there are two sides and I learned to think and to train myself and
to force myself to see the good in a situation, because it is always there. The law of
polarity is a powerful law.

The Law of Germination
This law says that whatever is planted requires some time before it comes to
fruition. Every idea, every thing that you plant, requires a certain action, a certain
amount of time before the outcome comes. You need to sow your ideas, allow them to
germinate, give them lots of energy and then you will reap the rewards. Remember what
Val Vanderwall says,

Energy flows to where the concentration goes.

The only way something will grow is if it receives energy. So you have to apply
a lot of energy but be patient. You’ll get what you choose but you got to give it some
time. And sometimes people become impatient when it comes to the acquiring of higher
incomes. It doesn’t happen for them in the first couple of days or couple of weeks. They
then give up. They quit. They usually blame somebody like me who sold them an
educational product and they say it didn’t work. Well, it didn’t work because you
misunderstood the law of germination. You can’t force things to happen. If you plant
a carrot, its not going to do you any good to sit there and as the little shoot comes
through the ground, try to yank it a little bit every day. That isn’t going to make the
carrot grow any faster. What you often have to do with some of these ideas, especially
these wealth-building ideas is to just relax and let them take their course. It will happen,
it just requires some energy so keep giving it energy. Remember, force negates. This
is going to require some thinking and some change and it is just a process that will
occur, but you got to understand the law of germination.

The Law of Vibration
Now this is a powerful law. Everything on the planet vibrates. Thoughts are
vibration. This is as esoteric as I am going to get. But let’s face it. Thoughts are things
and everything vibrates at a different frequency. If you just imagine, somebody who is
earning $30,000 is thinking $30,000 a year thoughts. But the person who is earning
three million a year is thinking three million dollar thoughts. That is a fair assumption.
Wouldn’t you agree?
Well, what we have to do is to raise our level of thinking to a higher and higher
frequency so we can vibrate, as it were, on a much higher frequency. You just need to
get on a higher level so that you are able to see certain things and attract certain things
in your life.
Let me illustrate the law of vibration. I have a friend, whose brother-in-law sells
exotic cars. He called me up and said, Gerry, you have to see this car. Its so beautiful.
And sure enough, it was fantastic. It was a gold colored Mercedes Benz. It was
awesome. I saw it and bought it right away. One of the main reasons I bought it was
because I had never seen a gold colored Mercedes before. The beauty for me was that
there were so few of them around. I was so impressed. So I bought it. The next day, he
brought it over. Feeling like a million bucks, I drove it home. On my way home, I saw
six gold Mercedes. I couldn’t believe it. I was so ticked off because I had never seen one
before, or had I?
You see, it's what my mentor calls a cell of recognition. I never had a cell in my
brain called, gold colored Mercedes. I might have seen a thousand of them but I had
no cell of recognition. There was no vibration within me called gold Mercedes until I
bought the car. And then I saw them everywhere. They were all over the place.
I started thinking that is this is the same when it comes to earning money. If
you are not vibrating at high income levels, you'll never see million-dollar ideas. If you
are satisfied with a little, you'll never see opportunities to earn more.
So what you should do is change your vibration and you will change your results.
Million-dollar ideas are in resonance with million-dollar vibrations. If you want better
results, change your vibration. We attract those things that we resonate with, so change
your resonance.
In the book called, Why not Me?Ó6 Paul Monaghan talks about buying a $1000
suit when they could barely afford it and it made him feel like a million dollars. You
want to get yourself in a good vibration. Find the best restaurant and the best hotel in
your city. Get yourself into a million-dollar vibration and you will see; you will start
attracting and seeing million dollar ideas all around you. The earning of money is so
easy and simple. It’s a game if you just know how to get yourself in the right vibration.
I have had many challenges in my life. There have been times when it looked like things
were going to completely fall apart and at times in some cases they did. But you know
what? I was never really worried about it because I was always, no matter what was
going on in the physical world, inside, I was vibrating at a high frequency.

What you think about, you bring about.
Whatever is impressed must be expressed. Whatever you think you bring about.
So be careful what you think. Never think about what you don’t want. Don’t talk about
things you don’t want. Don’t entertain ideas you don’t want showing up on the canvass
of your life. Don’t sit around gossiping, whining, complaining and groping like other
people. If you don’t want it, don’t think about it, talk about it, or anything, just put it
out of your mind. You have the ability to choose.