Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friday Night !

Dear Players,

So today its sunday afternoon. Just finished a casting couple hours ago, for a Turkish textile brand. This weekend was great. A bit to much party maybe. But a lot of fun I had. Friday night we stayed at “Ulus 29” and then after to a place called “Disco”.
Saturday evening I was invited to a beautiful Turkish wedding. It was the female manager “Elvan” from Ulus 29 that had invited me. It was a very extravagant and beautiful wedding to attend. Met some very nice and interesting people at the wedding. I ate, drank and talk to some very lovely ladies throughout the night. The ladies where looking all stunning in their evening gowns. The UNIVERSAL PLAYER had definitely found his habitat.
Today (Sunday) i don’t have the energy or the mind to write for the blog.
Just going to chill out watching a dvd now and rest my beautiful soul.

Cheers to you all Players.

Martin & me.

Our table at "Ulus 29". Nuts, Strawberries Oranges, Apple,.. One of the best service I've cum acroos. The waiters are very sharp and fast while serving ya.

"Emer" and me.

"Emre" and me

"Boa" work as hostess for "Ulus 29". She has cute sister as well.

Another UNIVERSAL PLAYER Iin the arms of god's best creation "THE WOMAN".

"Boa" with her sister.

"Eren" came for a quik visit...

"Elvan" Manager of Ulus 29. She's a great friend and always make sure everybody is havin a great time.
Kisses to you ;)

From today after casting finished. Just resting out and ejoying the sun.