Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thursday evening photos.

Dear PLayers,

Here are some photos from Thursday night. I know its a bit late. Been having problem with the uploading on internet.
These photos is from a nightspot called "Reina" in Istanbul. www.reina, Great place. Very much recommended by me to go if visit to Istanbul.

Will work more on this post this coming sunday afternoon. Have as well millions of photos from yesterday night from "Nightpot Club 29". I forgot my camera at the club yesterday. So my friend "Elvan" where very kind to help me out getting it back. Will post those photos here as well tomorrow sunday. Time is now 18.30 saturday evening.
Inivted to a Turkish wedding party with Elvan at 20.00 Pm. So I should get msyelf ready to met her. Afterwards,we all will be going to 29. Elvan is the manager for 29 since 3 years back. They will be closing the club soon in May for the summer season.



Starting out at the model apartment.

Me with Paula from Argentina.

Andreas and me gearing up for the night out.

Paparazzi shots..

at Reina

Cheers Players

Oooohhhh... Kisses.. I like ;)

Please give me kiss Paola ;)


Dj of Reina.

Model Behaviour...