Friday, March 23, 2007


First casting of the day. Very far out from Istanbul city rea. Took us about 1 hour to rech the call-back for this jeans job. I got the job together with Leticia. Shooting date still to be told.

The jeans brand "Ustop".

Second casting for Tv-commercial.

I bumped in two these two swedish female models in the casting. Its not often I met models from my country (sweden). They where a bit boring people to talk to though.

Me and our driver "Murat"

3 rd and last casting at photoStudio "20 million"

Luminita says: Hey ! Its not only guys who can... Check me out

Modeling is not always Glamourous. Ha ha ha....
This must be one of the funniest castings I've been to. Its for a property ad in Turkey.
"Fuck" we look so stupid here, all of us ;)

The guy who is working at the supermarket ouside our house. Me and ildiko went to buy some drinks for a little pre-party at our house.

ildiko is being cute "Like always".