Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday evening 20.30 PM

Dear Players,

Today is sunday evening.
Just been in the house working on my Mac book all day and reading interesting things on the internet.
Decided to slow down with my partying for a bit. Weekend’s are Ok to go out. Most of the models are out all the time for dinners, brunch,parties etc etc. The list goes on. I’m a bit bored of that. My energy goes more towards building my business empire.
Going off to gym in 20 minutes to work my Triceps, Chest and Abs.
Still have a bit of pain, from my last workout. You, see. I’m pushing myself quite hard in the gym. In fact harder then most of the Bodybuilders do. If I was a bit more engaged to my workout as a fitness person. Sure I would have a phenomenal body by now ;)

Tomorrow I have a shoot for a jeans company called “ Motor jeans” with Female model “Julia Lescova” from Russia.
Here are some of her photos.
Off to gym now..

Julia Lescova photos.