Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday morning 10.50 Am

Dear Players,

Time is now 10.00 Am Monday morning. Just arrived 1 hour ago to the location. We are in a hotel" not far away from the center area ”Taksim Square”. The location we will be shooting in today is a very old Hotel with a lot of character. I would guess its a four star hotel. Has a beautiful view across the canal to Asia side. For those who didn’t know. Turkey is split in two parts. One part is Europe side and on the other side of water is where Asia starts. Sitting now and waiting for my turn to get pamper with makeup and hair styling.
Today shoot is for a Turkish jeans brand name”Motor”. Will be shooting with two more girls. One girl has just arrived two Turkey one week ago. Her name is Andrea and only 15 years old from slovakia. MY GOD, so young they are !
The other female model is Julia from Russia. We have seen before if you followed my blog ?
Its quite a few people here at this moment. Setting up the clothes and accessories etc. Having myself some breakfast ( Cheese sandwich) with coffee and juice. Simple but nice !
Last thing you want to do is to stress the client out, saying I’m hungry. If they don’t treat, never complain”EVER”. One of the important rules to become a great model or person in your own right.
Today’s photographer is Hakan.
Man with few words. But I just guess he is preparing himself for the shoot. Everybody at the shoot are very nice and accomodating. The hair stylist is one of the top in Turkey. Cool simple guy, who loves "Global underground"music. He is blasting the ipod on the television right now. So we both ahve something in common "GREAT". And all of us are swinging to the tunes.
I’m sure this will be a very successful day. Hopefully can go home with some excellent photos in my luggage. Well see. Since its a campaign shoot. The clients most of the time don’t want to release the pictures to anyone. But if everything goes well,and with a bit of smooth talk should do it ”Hopefully”.
Time is now 10.45 Am. And the girls are starting to look fabulous. A bit tired now. But still excited to shoot and work some more.I Didn’t get much sleep this night. Stayed awake to 5.30 am and got myself some sleep for two hours only. Sat up all day and night working on internet etc.
Hopefully my eyes aren’t falling asleep when we are about to start shooting. Nooooo.. Just joking. Lucky I love my job and life. Because nothing its hard when doing truly what you love ;)

Ok, its my turn for make up now...