Thursday, February 22, 2007


Dear PLayers,

sitting now in my hotel room. Its 01.30 am. Have a super cold since today morning. After today meeting I went for a walk round city center. Its really cold to walk. Lot’s of people are out and doing their shopping etc. I had a really nice time walking around in Istanbul. To bad I waa so tired and sick. Needed to get some rest at 15.00 pm. Been sleping all day long and just woke up a while ago. Having myself some food right now and doing the blog.
Tomorrow I’m changing Hotel, where the other models are living. The meeting with agency today went very well. “of course” ;)
But still our deal could have been better. But anyway. Will see what happens, in terms of work. I don’t know how long I will stay in turkey, maybe 1 week or 2 month. Depending on jobs and if I can Istand this freezing cold. Miss the heat. Grrrr...
But somehow the cold is always nice. Because you can dress up more, sit outside having a coffee and get a tan.. The sun here is super strong. So when going out, you really need those sexy shades at almost all time.
Not going to be to long today. My first day in turkey has been great. Excited what It will bring me tomorrow.

Cheers Players,


Inside the plane. Time to destination

Turkish Flag

Hotel Signs. Dont have a clue at all what it says ?

Chef "Ahmed".

Having my first real turkish salad

On the way to the agency.

At the Agency in Istanbul. Met some turkish female models at the agency as well. And yes "Avi".. you can send them your dumb emails with photo as you wish.

Will tell you something now....
I just found out Avi and her family plus some people who call themself friends with Avi. They are doing everything possible to sabotage my career now. By emailng my agencies worldwide and speaking about me and Avi's problem etc. Also Avi and her family are making up some bullshit like I tried to rape her and theft her money etc. "Bullshit". How can I steel money from somebody who doesnt even have money since I meet her. She was sleeping on her friend" Niko Montinola" couch In the philippines when I meet her.
Everything during one year I have payed for. So Avi please tell me, how is it possible ????????????
All you have is your lies.... And you know that...
I will post you a special photo of us. And you tell me if I need to rape Avi ,WHO WAS MY WIFE BEFORE ? Thats fucked up to lie like that. But hey thats why Avi's family are losers. So Avi if your read this. I have told you before. You can email and try to do all the shit you doing to sabotage my career. Because end of the day. These people wont listen to you or our problem and what shit you got to say. Seriously. These are business people. And you can't bring them anything interesting ans useful. But I can. So do you and your family really think. Your bullshit will hurt me and my business ??? Sorry baby It wont. But in the other hand its bad "PR" for you. People dont like people who speak bullshit. They will only Pitty you for doing the things you do.
Rule 1. To become successful. WASH YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY INSIDE THE HOUSE !

So I will spare you some minutes of work "Avi Siwa". If you want to contact them. You can contact the owner directly.
This is his email Good luck !

Please show the world how intelligent you are ;)

THe view from the agency longe room. Its a very small office they have, but definitely the best agency in Turkey for modeling.

"Taksim" Is a market place and walking street.

Time for lunch !

Small walking streets leading off from the mainstreet.

Caf'e shop. There so many of them here...


Does it really look like I need or would rape my own wife ?

No way....
Here's a exclusive pic from the Player. With my look and charm and good personality. Also check my neck, got two beautiful trophy's in two beautiful colour. I find threesome fun. Because its kinky. Avi love to have threesomes, especially with the girl.. I didn't mind that :)

I Need to rape a woman ?????
YEAH RIGHT ! YOU ARE SO LOSER's AVI & FAMILY. How low can you go as humans ?
I suggest you guys spend your time on something more productive ?