Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dear Players,

Just arrived in turkey airport. Got myself a super cold on the airplane, and my nose is drizziling all throughout the trip.. Its 9 degree celsius here in Turkey, and I don’t have any winter clothes with me what so ever. Only 2 jackets for the night and a jeans jacket. Grrrrr..
I forgot to change money in Thailand “ So Stupid “ of me. Sitting here now and the time is 08.15 am and the money changers in the airport don’t change my currency (Thai Baht). Only european, Usd etc money etc. So I will be heading to city center to change some money. But need to wait until 09.00 am. That’s what the cab drivers are telling me. Also I did some enquiries at the information desk. And they weren’t helpful at all. So my first perception and taste of turkey didn’t start that well. TAXI DRIVERS ! We all know about them right. How sneaky and tricky they are all. Been traveling to so many countries. and know their unfair game. But still I got cheated today. At the airport, the driver told me. I only need to pay 20 lira. Hah... Did he fool me ? This cab driver. His name is ”Memeth damn fooled me big time. Sure he was kind to show me around a bit in town and found me a money changer. We had good laughs and talked about turkey etc. He told me to be careful for robbers here, and always be on my watch. Turkey is well know for their pickpockets and robbers. So we arrived at the hotel 09.45 am. After our good conversation and a bit of sightseeing. I ended up paying him 40 lira. Thats double what he told me at the airport. Fucking idiot ! Sorry my laungage. I had told him earlier, i’ll tke him for a beer and he can show me around istanbul. He would have surely made more money on that then cheating me on 40 Lira. The funny part is, I had planned to give him extra tip 10 lira for the tour. So when I handed him the 50 lira (turkish money) he first wanted to keep the 50 Lira. And then I looked at him and sad give me 20 back, and then he reach me only 10. You see. Cant trust anyone today. By Hey. THAT’S WHY HE IS A CAB DRIVER RIGHT ;)
Also, he lost the beer I was gonna take him for later ;)
Gonna take me a hot shower now and go for breakfast, have the meeting with the director of Flash models at 11 Pm.
Will take some photos around the city for your viewing of course. I must say its a very beautiful city (istanbul). So I’m very excited....




I have a lot of photos coming later and some video ;)