Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dear PLayers,

What have I‘ve been doing for the last days, except throwing ”MENTAL SICK” Avi out of my life by sending her to the Airport to go home for The Philippines. I dont want to get in to much on this. Becuse she doesnt deserve to be talked as a subject on my blog. Already wasted my time, friends, family, money and career to much. All I can say. Its that woman wont be featured her anymore. She cant realize I dont want her anymore. Thats why she know try’s to destroy my life being calling the Thai police, philippines Immigration etc to cause problem from somethin g she started.”WHAT A LOSER SHE IS”. YOu have seen my blog, you judge for yourself Is that asshole she projects. Traveling the world,taking her to great restaurants, buying her gifts”Clothes,flowers watches shoes accessories, giving every second of my time for her etc etc. The list is long My dear Players. On top of that, She hasn’t done any contribution to thisrelationship in 1 years time. LIke now. After braking up, she still doesn’t contribute anything to herself ,me or others by writing shit on my blog etc.
Anyway, back to my lovely normal life “WITHOUT PROBLEM”.
Been out Partying the last couple of days with friends I haven’t seen for sometime now.
Just got back from The island Koh Samed today. Left for 1 day brake to recharge my batteries from all the stress Avi inflicted on me.
Don’t have much to say about my trip, then I had a fabulous time like always with friends and others.
Meet up In Koh samed with some gay friends of mine who are well know designers in Bangkok and a female model ”Julia” from Uzbekistan. We ate, drank, swim, relaxed just like a good holiday spent with friends should be.

Chinese New Year Party last Sunday.


My Waiter.

Some other happy people I bumped in to at FLIX

After leaving Flix Club. I came across this cab driver. Hes cab is insane. It has one mixer board,2 tv's, Aircondition, karaoke, 4 with 4 mics. Its really rare to see a fine cab like this in Bankok for sure. He wa a very cool driver, who know how to entertain his clients.

With my gay friend " Deja" who is a freelance estylist in Bangkok.

After Party !

Arrived at Loh Samed island 09.00 am. Been partying all night. Manage to get some sleep in the cab to Koh Samed Island.
The Bungalow.

My friend"Deja" chilling out.

The Bungalow.

THis guy is the neighbour next door. Told me, he just divorced with his wife sometime back as welll and welcomed me to the club.

Beach walk. Going to jep's place for breakfast.

Taxi ride

Breakfast at "Jepp's".

While having my excellent breakfast, I also had the perfect seaview ;) Mmmmmmmm... nice...

Tom yam Kung and some Pasta.

Desert. Chocholate mousse

"Deja" is waking up from the party.

We manage to stay at this locatio and seat for 9 hours straight.

Tripping out on some toys we bought on the beach.

Dinner snack. Barbeque.

Fire show by little thai boy.

Me and female model " Julia" from Uzbekistan.

Posing with Julia on the beach.

Next beach bar " Silver Sand"

JUlia is relaxing all the good food.

Friend designer "Joe" and me sipping on some Malibu pineapple.


Designer " P Pon" me and "Julia".

Next morning. Getting ready to leave back for Bangkok.

American Breakfast !

On the speedboat " WHITE SHARK" back.