Friday, February 16, 2007

Dear PLayers,

Been partying for the past couple of day’s with Avi. This tuesday night out, was in Bangkok night club”flix”. Wednesday morning after finishing after Party. We both packed out bags and left for Pattaya. Arrived in Pattaya early wednesday morning about 09.00 am. Checked ourself in to 5 star Cabbages and Condoms”I know the name is so funny huh “.. Got me and Avi the suit 541 with Jacuzzi of course for special moments (like today) ;) Planned to stay only for the night and then back to Bangkok. After we had checked in. We ate some breakfast down at the restaurant. Had some more Alchohol”Pina coladas” then off to the beach to get a tan. Stayed at the beach all day drinking about 10 pina Coladas and 1 big bottle of import beer. Talked to some older ladies from Uk, who was staying at the same hotel. Not doing much. What can you do one a beach except then ENJOY ;)
Avi took herself a nap for couple of hours. I continue my party alone by the beach with the older ladies. Very nice ladies in fact., Good sense of humour and talkative. I guess they must have though t”Who tha hell is this drunk ass here (HOT ass though”. When the sun started to take sunset. Avi came to pick me up from the beach,and I crawled back to the room to fresh up. Fall asleep for about 1-2 hours. And then get ready again for some more party.”WHY NOT”.. hee
Wanted to surprise Avi for a famous cabaret show they have in Pattaya. It’s the famous lady boy show. Where all the performers are men and need’s to be CUT ! Yep, cut is the right word. But I confess. Watching these ladies/Men performing is kind of a turn on. They do a great work on stage. But they could have give 10 % more energy. The outfits and stage set is very nice to watch. But I still prefer the gay show in Bangkok. That use to take place in Gay club called”FREEMAN SHOW”. The show freeman has closed down since 1 year ago. Changed owner as well. And the place is not the same since then.
Before the show in Pattaya we had us some late dinner. Some Italian pizza and salad. We where in a rush to see the show at 9 PM and the time was 8.25 PM only 35 minutes to the start. We had our late dinner and rushed back quick to see the show. After the show we had some photo outside with the finer ladies. They where very quick to rip me off a few bucks. But they where worth every Baht of it ;) I like to share and tip people who work hard and give good service. I think its wrong tough to encourage people who begs. You shouldn’t except they are without arms and legs. I’m a very generous man when charity is involved. I think everyone should be. But know who to give too and when. Don’t just give to give. Lesson 1. People never learn then.
After the Cabare show. I took to show Avi Hard rock cafe Pattaya. It was one the same way as our direction. A bit tired and hangover there is only one thing to do,if you want to feel better. DRINK MORE :) haha. So me and Av decided t party the night away. We took a walk down the bars with all the strippers and hookers. Its called the walking street. Sat down and cooled down my body with a “Mojito” and Avi a “Margarita”. After the drink we took a walk back to a strip club hundred meters down. The walking street had a lot of foreginers. Mainly there for the prostitution. But also many curious tourists. Me and Avi ended up in a strip club called “Galaxy”. It’s a strip club which has only foreign stripper,most of them from russia. Two chicks where really hot there. All of them had great bodies and dance really well. I got Avi and me private dance’s all night long. Ordered ourself a bottle of Chivas Regal and enjoyed the dancers sensual bodies and dance. We started to talk to few of the girls who enjoyed me and Avi company. The funny was that. The where hot on Avi more then me. Haha kind of kinky. Its always nice to have fantasies ;) RIGHT ???
After many hours at Galaxy strip club, actually until they where closing at 3.15 am. One of the strippers”Dana” came with us for after party. She showed us around and intruduced us to different people. Party our last hours away in a night spot called” Marine club” center area in Pattaya.
After hours of dancing drinking, food, snakes flowers etc etc. We dragged us self back home to our hotel with a big smile on our faces.
Now we are back in bangkok since yesterday, and its friday. Sleep all day yesterday and today. Had some agencies calling me all day for casting today and tomorrow saturday. Today I went for a Tvc casting. The job is for deodorant this end of february. Casting director sad I have big changes for this job. The male model the client had wanted, couldn’t act the game needed for this commercial. The lead role is male, suppose to be a playboy with a chick. Just like me ;) “Universal Player”. So it wasent to hard to act for this.
Today is friday and Me and Avi are planning to go out tonight as well. Why not. We are young, right ;)
What are you doing tonight ?


Snack of the night. Chicken wings. Avi didn't come out wiht me here. I went to meet some friends in the fashion industry.

Me and friend ( J ) he is a freelance stylist in Bangkok.

Avi making reservations and I'm tottaly fucked. *Cheers*

On the way to Pattaya. Fooling around with a chinese rice Hat.

Our Hotel. Cabbages & Condoms

At the check in.

Cheers guys. Wish you could be here.

I love my job. Happy Valentine baby...



Exlusive video of the ADAM & EVE IN ACTION.

Come baby. I take you for breakfast.

Condom menu as well. NICE !

Which one ????

Nooooo..Holiday, who sad that ? I'm shooting right now... haha ;)

Here comes the food baby.

Ahhh, big waves baby .......

Hey there. Good morning beautiful. sleept well ?

AVI: I love the view baby. PATRICK: Hmmm So do I ;)

Is nice to see old couple together.. Me & Avi in 50 years from now.

So dammm hot sun today....

Beach Bar

Doing some work.

Taking my own time by the water.

Valentines day. Buying Avi some flowers on the beach.

Dinner time before Cabare show.


Buying "Dana" a bucnh of flowers as well. After all, its valentines day.

Inside Marine Bar.


Today is Saturday. Resting out in bed all day, after a night out yesterday (friday).
Wont be going out tonight though, too tired..
Going to watch James Bond "Goldfinger" and do some internet work.



Photo from yesterday night (Friday).