Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dear Players,

Hope you had a great weekend ?
I’ve decided to post some photos from Avi’s and mine 1 year anniversary yesterday.
I totally lost the feeling off typing yesterday after the computer had shut down. But waking up today.. I really felt there’s something missing out. A post from my 1 year anniversary. If there is something to post for my blog. This is it...
Now is late evening in Bangkok. Me and Avi had planned to do a Cultural trip today around Bangkok, which tunred out to be all day in bed ”AGAIN”. We are both two big sleepers. Slept all day until evening time. Watch 2 great Dvd’s last night ”Blood Diamond with Leonardo Di caprio & 2 movie ‘Borat’ with Sacha Cohen Baron” . Two excellent movies i’ll recommend you to watch. Especially Blood Diamond.
Yesterday, I took Avi for dinner at Chinatown in Bangkok. They have the best and freshest seafood in the world, in my opinion. It’s incredible the taste that comes out from thai cuisine. Me and Avi didn’t really dress up yesterday for this occasion, for us is holiday and honeymoon everyday, whether we dress up or not. And the restaurant we went to didn’t really acquired any fabulous clothes. Why I decided to take Avi her, was because when I meet her one year ago in the philippines. I had told her about this restaurant and that I wanted to take her there. At that time little did she knew it would come true. I knew it would happen one day. It really shows when you want something and you tsay dedicated to do it. No matter what. Just like I did with me and she did with me. Promises and hopes will be fulfilled. Like yesterday. After our little nice cozy dinner together at chinatown, we went to Kaosan Road. A very popular place for Tourists/ backpackers while staying in Bangkok. It’s cheap, it has food everywhere, travel agencies. bars, massage places, shopping etc.
We wen to Kaosan Road in hope of finding some good dvd’s for our anniversary night. It turned out once we got there we couldn’t find any dvd shop open. So after 2 healthy juices of wheat grass and Detox shake ’Ginger, Bet root,apple and celery’. Mmmmm...
We took of in a taxi to Silom Road. Soi 2. Where thye have a lot of shopping and bars as well.
We walked around and bought our self’s some Dvd’s , got myself a news business card holder and some nice long sleeve shirts. Avi got her self some nice sexy underwear and I got myself 2 pair of swim wear. Nice...

At Chinatown..

Fresh seafood. Mmmmmmmm

Some seafood dear ;)


Tuk-Tuk ride to Kaosan Road. Its not normal for me to take this Thai-traditional taxi. As it if to hot and polluted to travel in.

A busy Kaosan Road at 10 pm saturday evening.

LavaBar owned by friend of mine"Ariel from Israel".

Second hand Bags.

How about a SNACK ! Grasshoppers, Scorpions, Maggots, Cockroaches. Mmmmmm. Tasty.

Dvd stand in Silom area.


My new business card holder for >ribbsaetermodels

My 2 pair of swimwear. It turned out they where to small. So I will chnage it on Monday.


Hope you had a super great player weekend.