Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear PLayers,

Sitting here now I’m my hotel room in Bangkok ready to check out in 1 hour.
Ready to start my life over from the beginning. Its hard. But I just need to, there is no turning back from here. I wish It was. But it isn’t, unfortunately.
I don’t look back at things and regret what has happened. All I can say..Things could have ended up differently. “To bad it didn’t”. Because it hurts. But thats life though, it hurts. And all we can do is to move on and don’t have hate for each other. Because if we do, we wont get anywhere in life. My travel is a 12 hour flight away from bangkok with a middle stop in between. Contacting the agency now that will represent me in coming country. I also checking for my own apartment or hotel to stay in for this trip. As I don’t like to live and share with models. But if I the person and model apartments seems good. I don’t mind at all. After all its nice to have people around sometimes.
I can say this trip to Bangkok have thought me a lot about life and people. Looking forward to this fresh new beginning that will come tomorrow. I haven’t been to this country before and I’m sure it will do me very good. In terms of new interesting culture, people, food, lifestyle etc. I’m sure it will inspire me to do even better in life. Don’t now when I will be back to Bangkok again. But I had a super great time even though all the bad circumstances that happen here.

I say bye to beautiful Bangkok for this time, and i’ll see you soon again ;)