Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear Players,

At singapore airport now for transfer to my new plane. Sitting by the garden right in the middle of Changi airport.

Just received a email from the agency I will meet tomorrow. Meeting will be at 11 am just a few hours after my arrival. Hope I can get some sleep on the plane ? Don’t wanna look like a person who just got out of a divorce, Haha....
What else ? The flight here went smooth. Not much people on the plane which is always good. Time is now 22.20 in Singapore time. Have nine and half hour more before I put my feet on........ soil. Tomorrow you guys will know. And for those who want to follow and do something with their life, you are most welcome to join me ;)
Here is photo from my last hour in Bangkok

At the reception clearing my bills.

Arrive at the Airport " Suvarnabhumi".

Immigration !

Had to pay them 20 thousand Baht (Usd 5000;-) for two month overs stay. Its the max penalty a person can get. Its so me. Alwya there with problem or something good. Hahaha