Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dear Players,

So now I'm back from todays running around in bangkok.
After finishing my account with modemodels at 5 PM. I went to MBK center to do some shopping. I thought it was about time to invest in a good camera. With the Nokia phone the pics are really blur and dark. I wont be able to post it for my blog. And I want the blog to have nice pics of course. I got myself a really nice camera”Canon IXY 80” digital. Perfect quality on the pictures.
Here I am standing by the shop where I bought my camera. Testing the Flash ! Now there will be great night shoots.

I finished everything fine with modemodels. No point having grudges against each other. In the end, we all share different opinions about how we want to run our business. Tomorrow I have appointment with 2 other agencies in Bangkok”Modelstory & Jims model”. I will also visit some other agencies, and pass them my some of my portfolio. Don’t know how long more we will stay in bangkok. My plans are going back to India to setup my modeling agency >ribbsaetermodels. But I have taken sometime off for me and Avi. I want our relationship to be stronger before taking her to Bombay (India). Since I’m a celebrity in India. I cant afford having me and Avi fighting all the time. Once the media found out about it. They will start making problem. Not because I care. After all bad pr is good pr ;) But I don’t want to push it. India is also a very tough environment to be in. And Avi like it clean. haha So this travel and journey together hopefully will make us stronger. Today I have repeated myself to Avi, that I dont want anymore fights and argue. I need being able to concentrate while traveling and building my empire. Otherwise everything will goes right down the drain.
Also told her. That I will take more responsibility towards her. I received a very nice personal email today from a person who follows my blog a lot. The person writing the email didn’t take my part or avi’s in any way. Which was nice to hear. The person only suggested what to do. And what the person sad.. I found very logic to follow. I will post here what the person said.
I'm sorry for this unsolicited advice but I guess I couldn't agree with you more on your recent blog. . .  I guess loving too much a girl doesn't help at all. Avi Siwa is pretty much well known over here (Phils) and I guess that she is a strong willed person and ambitiously driven girl, I think what she is lacking right now is her own fulfillment being able to accomplish things since her life is now revolving on you (I mean its not bad since you are married to her and you are very lucky). I guess she has lost her "person" and now she needs her own time and find herself back without you pulling the rug under her (meaning you should still assure her and be committed to her and at the same time both give yourself a chance to be free). If you truly love each other you have to set each other free and grow. I see that you are maturing and growing on your own while she's left at home thinking all sorts of stuff and being insecure, in short her life just revolves around you
 instead of her minding her own thing. 
  I know its kinda bit frustrating when you see another perspective and your girl can't see it. I see that she is undergoing depression and you really have to accompany her to a psychologist (depression is not a bad thing people in the US has a high rate of depression which sort of leads to bad things if you don't get help early). When she has those moments just take it all in and accept it, just plainly be there and listen and assure. But more importantly assist her to a psychologist, he will be able to give prescription and therapy. And tell her depression is not a bad thing or a taboo, people undergo cycles and sometimes learning more about it helps. Just make her feel that you are asking for help to see a psychologist because you "LOVE" her and in order for you guys to move forward and endure.
  I don't know if you believe in more of having an "open-ended" relationship its like both of you are committed but can meet other people (you just have to set the limits on what not to do and what to do, etc).
  Hey, its not healthy to give 100% of your love to your partner, you still have to leave something to yourself. Its tough to be with another strong willed person if you yourself is also strong willed, someone has to win and someone has to lose but you can still compromise. I had difficulty in pursuing with a Piscean girl as I am a Leo in the past (luckily I'm out of it), but hey they are very likeable but some sort of a nagger and controlling, I myself can give my 100% to my girl and will not fool around but trust me and give my freedom as well.
  I also see that you are an avid reader. Buy this book "The 100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships" by David Niven, Ph. D Its a study of researchers studying relationships of people on why people have lasted so long and others fail you can apply it to your relationship and its even a good book to give to Avi. I see that you are into Warren buffet and stuff too. nice choices of book and pretty much a success driven person and hey its not bad but you have to learn how to play politics with people as well. Buy  the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, its gonna teach you strategies on how to deal with people and understand the power dynamics of the world.
  Again, I do apologize for giving unsolicited advice I just got to drop by your blog. If you are truly soul mates this is just a major bump in the road... love can still last ... and I see you've got good physical chemistry together. Goodluck to both of you too...

Its true what this person is saying.
It cant be easy for Avi traveling with me, when I always working and meeting people and she doesn’t really know what she want to do. I mean I do treat her the best. But what I will think of now is how can I support her more for her business. She has always had my support. “Just need to tell me Avi, I’m always there for you baby”.
Tomorrow I will get her a new laptop so she can do her own thing ”blog internet business etc”. We have two mac books. But the first one. Avi actually broke when we was fighting”haha.. Now we only have one. And thats one is mine. And I dont want to let her near that one ,as I have very important business plans and everything that will make me super rich ;) So,I dont want to lose it because of a fight(f you can understand).Well.. its just material things right. Endof the day, this is what we are working for and should take more care about it. If not....Things wont last. Like a relationship,it takes love and dedication and polishing to keep it shiny and beautiful.
I’m happy that I realized this today as well among many other things.
From now on.. I’ve also decided to change the blog for the better and more positive energy. Just like when I started it ;)
Something to look forward to guys ;)

P.S. Today I also bought a Playstation for Avi & me with 10 cool games. So she has something to do while I'm gone for work. It turned out we got more fighting games then other. haha Maybe know we can do our fight on the playstation"better".

Its funny because in our travel bags. All we have is not clothes. We have computers,business books business cards, a scanner and now a playstaion. We both are such a kids.. haha everything is business and not clothes for us.. That is one of the love that keeps us togheter. Our mindsets for business.
I love her her and she loves me and we are trying to make things better as a couple. Just give us chances"Cn
Relationship aren’t easy when you love somebody more then anything in the world. Me and Avi are still two young people experience new interesting things everyday the world has to offer. Some good some bad that we need to cope with. But I know in the end this will have made us both stronger even if we would separate.

P.S. I also got this magazine clip today from “LIPS magazine”. Kiss marks all over. And those kiss marks are from my wife Avi ;) It better be...

Avi & me going back home.

Thanks guys again for all your support. Let's look forward to better days.


Patrick & Avi