Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Feb 06, 2007

Dear Players,

Today I went to visit my agency to check some work that’s been roaming in Thailand for more than two years. One for an underwear campaign, packaging “A to Z” - a local Thai brand. Second one is a fitness center called Olympic club, located at MBK Department store in the center area. The A to Z usage for this campaign was only for two years, after the production in 2002, that means the contract should be finished by 2005. And it’s now 2007. A to Z used my face for another two years without paying me any money or notifying the agency - at least that’s what the agency is telling. But who knows? You can’t trust anyone int his business, not even your modeling agency. I saw this campaign displayed in the store the other day and called my bookers at the agency to fix this for me. It turned out that Mode Models have been corresponding for a few days now with “A to Z”. Today at my meeting with the agency, Mode Models, told me that “A to Z” they will take down the packaging out of the stores and all “A to Z” gave was an apology to the agency - but not to me. On top of that, “A to Z” didn’t have any fucking values and manners to compensate me for this two years they displayed my face - fucking cheap brand. The second job Olympic Club Fitness that I did 2002, was supposed to be one-two years usage only in the fitness center and their website. When I approached the manager in Olympic Club 2 months ago at the fitness center about they having my pictures without paying me the fees. He didn’t know anything about it. That’s what he said as well. Hmmmm... Liars all” That’s what I say about them”.
So today speaking with Modemodels bangkok. They told me I cant be compensated for these years Olympic club use my photos. I ask them why ??? I mean.. Its business right ?
They should.. At least that what I think and the rest of the world would agree to I’m sure..
Its a breach of contract and its the agency”Modemodels” responsibility to take care of it. The agency ’Modemodels’ excuse was that,the owner of Olympic club and Modemodels are very good friends. So there was never talk about any money between them during these years. WHAT THA FUCK ! What about me as their face of product and model. They just going to fuck me like that. Because they are friends. Hmmmmmm.. Some people just don’t have values and know what’s best for their business. So today I decided to leave Modemodels once and for all. I will be much better without them. I’ve been a very good source of income for them every time we worked together. So have they been for me.. But end of the day. If you are a middle hand, and only take part for the clients side and not your models. You will end up.. Not having any models at all. And that’s a fact. For me I didn’t talk about money in the first case for these jobs. For me excuses are bad. They should have compensate me something. They where so broke as a person with values and no respect. So they couldn’t even by me a lollypop and “Hey,Patrick sorry for using your photos all these years”. Like I said before. Its not my loss, it will be theirs” A to Z & Mode models in the end. If they can do that to me, I’m sure their will be many more after me. For me, I just don’t understand people who cut off the hand feeding them. And I’ve been feeding with a lot of money and good reputation for years now. No common sense what so ever. Or what do you think ?
Posted a video here from the store. Today the packaging has been taken down.
FUCK ( A to Z ) underwear clothing brand Thailand ! Never buy their shit”promise me”.
Here the video I took last week before leaving to the Island.

My lunch for today. Green curry rice with shrimps,mushroom soap and salad. To cool my beautiful model body off. I had a big Mocha frappe with ice cream on top . Mmmmmmmmmmmm..

Today I also went to see a Director at" Workshop studio" I did two commercial with"Double A Paper" couple of years ago. Maybe you have seen it ?? Asked him for a copy. He told me to come back in two day's. Cool.. I'll do that ;)

Heres a copy of that commercial couple of years ago. I'm so damn young and chubby on this commercial with an ugly hair cut.haha

What can I say. ahaha I love my job ;)

Today I got this message on my jurgita.com account and thought I should post it for my blog. At least some good news for today.
Love the writing about me and my wife ;) And its much appreciated..
Message at Jurgita.com
You're a White Knight, without the armour...You shined on my life, & I'm eternally grateful;)
May your lovely & precious gem of a wife, <\|/>Avi, have an extraordinary time this St. Valentine's Day...Try not to get
t-(oo) innovatively kinky & swing from an elaborate chandelier, from some high class hotel suite, OK? ;)
I think you both make the Garden of Eden look tantalizingly invocative!!! WAY-2-GO, PETA!!!
You, both, are wished a stellar light to guide your paths in all that you do...May you always remain safe _\|/_
Sincerely sayin' it,
...Still Runnin', "Against The Wind"...Outside of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.

Some people are just so damn kind..

Praise those people..

P.S. Tonight I'm going out for a drink with Avi.. Gotta shake my beautiful - expensive ass a bit.