Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dear Players,

Oh yeah baby !

Just got back from my party tonight.

Had a wicked night out.

Pretty drunk right now and pissed because. I have such a wife to bitch. She doesn’t appreciate what I do for her. i give her my time,my money,my everything. And what do it get in return. Fucking jealousy.. Is this how a great marriage should be ??
On our wedding day in the philippines 1 year ago. Guess what, you wont believe it ???

Yep... she fucked me up.
I didn’t know a single soul in the philippines at that time . We arranged the party together within 3 days time. Same day as the wedding night party. She stood me up”BIG TIME”.. More or less fucked me up. Yes. I payed the hole fucking wedding party because she didn’t have any money at all. Now I know why.. I dont care about if I payed the wedding party or not. I’m not that cheap. But I want respect, especially from the person who says she/he wants to marry you.. While all of us” her mother friends and I was setting up the party with the production house. She was in the hairdresser getting ready for 3-4 hours. I Told her at 6 Pm.. When I was getting things ready for the party. She was just about to leave for the hairdresser. I told her. Please baby dont be late”because I dont know anybody in the philippines and I need you there. And she told me, while looking me in the eyes.” She said.. I promise to not be late to help you with the setup. Huh, right....
8 pm.. 2 hours later she was suppose to show up at the wedding to help me with the setup. She didn’t turn up at all. Where was she ?? I called Avi.her mother called her as well etc. everybody asked me” Patrick where is Avi?????”. I said, at the hairdresser getting ready. People just looked at me” what that fuck.. (Patrick) You are here doing all this things for hours,and your wife doesn’t even show up to help you. Embarrassing for her. and for her family. Because her family was waiting for her to show up, friends and me.
Right there our marriage and relationship started bad. From my point of view...
You don’t fucking leave the person you love for a fucking hair dry. Especially on your fucking wedding night. And her excuse was.” I wanted to look good for you baby” .. Ohh, thank you Avi for the thought. the thought was nice. But very irresponsible Thats not what I needed. I needed her to be there when shit was going down. if it was me. I would fucking run my ass over for her. To the other side of the world if so.., If I knew my love ones where in danger/in help. What would you do, honestly ???? Wouldnt you be there for them ???
i don’t call that giving your love. I call that being selfish. many friends of mine have told me.Patrick what that fuck are you doing with her. She is always jealous and don’t respect anyone of us as your friends or your job as a model ” what’s her problem??? “ I keep telling them.” she just need a bit of time”. Now its 1 year in february 11 th I sad that, and still no changes what so ever. So I’m fucking tired of having her dragging me and jeopardizing my future. I have came to the point where I need to choose about my life and future and it hurts. Because I don’t want to choose anything before the women I love.. We already had so many problem before my travel to the Island( Koh samed) last week. if you have followed my blog, you should know. Why I’m telling this on my blog is not because I’m proud of it. I just feel that this blog is representing a big part of my life,and I should be honest to 100 % and don’t make any lies what so ever about my life.
And end of the day. If you judge me for something you don’t agree to to. Fuck you ! It’s still my blog and my life. And you cant change that... So please don’t try...
One of the reasons: You cant make me rich by commenting on my blog or disagree with me.
So why should I listen to a sucker like you, seriously I wont. Actually... I think this women have made me loss my mind totally. And I hate it because I’m a happy, genuine person deep inside and outside as everybody knows me and don’t need this shit from her or anybody else.
Anyway, I had enough of talking about this hullshit. Its just taking my time. heading off to bed now.
Keep you posted what will happen from now..