Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dear Players,

Ohhhhh, what a day...
It has been a great day today. Like I sad in my one of my last posts. It will take a lot to change my mind not to leave Turkey this coming week. My mind of leaving has already changed a bit for the better, about my stay in Turkey.
Today I had my breakfast at 07.00 am. Its quite a early hour for me to have breakfast. Today I had my first casting for some turkish apparel and I got the job. Of course I didn’t expect anything else., Hihi !
After the casting had finished. I had to wait for the girl second casting to finish. So I took myself some time getting to know the other models. They all seems very nice. Tonight we where suppose to go to a Big Villa Party outside Istanbul. But some of the girls are working early the day after(Sunday) so the party must be in the city of Istanbul. So we had to cancel the dinner as well. After both casting where done. We all got our beautiful model assets in to the van and headed straight back to the hotel. Time 12.30.
Took a brake at the hotel for 15 minutes. After the quick rest me, Oscar,, Karen and Daniela went to smoke some shisha and drinking tea. We drank apple and mint flavoured tea. Ate some Kebab for lunch today as well.
Been back at the hotel for couple of hours now. Teaching oscar how to set up his own blog etc. I’m glad that I can help him. He seems to get a hang of it pretty fast. After all its easier then many people think. It all takes a bit of persistence.
Tonight there will be party pics and more.
Here are pics from my lovely day.


Lobby waiting for the car..

"Cemal" our driver..

Me and Karen from brazil.

Casting room with clients.

Yeah, let's smoke it up..

Murat from turkey. We met him at the restaurant. Cool guy.

Oscar is throwing a "BLUESTEEL". GO OSCAR BRO !

I can feel it baby ;)

So can I..Says: Danilea

If you guys can feel it, then look at me ;) hahaha....

"Oscar & Karen" Posing while ordering food.

Gonna go up stairs to my room and fresh up now. The party is WAITING BABY !