Friday, March 02, 2007

This is a old Posting..

Dear Players,

Heres a video and some photos from saturday night.
Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for 2-3 days now. Been very busy with work..
I currently changed agency from Flash models to Fashion agency. It turned out they are a shit agency and nothing to work for. So I contacted another agency called Fashion, whicqh is owned by former female model Julia from Turkey. Fashion is a much better agency who doesn’t sell their models cheap, while other agencies does.
They don’t take on any model as well. Only good ones like me myself ;)
Today I moved to their model flat which is accommodated with 8 other female models. NICE. I’m the only guy in the house.
Tomorrow I have a casting for a big job. Its between me and another guy from different agency. The other agency have ask for 4 times less the money then what my agency ask for me. Tomorrow its up to proof. The job is for Turkey and Uk.
Now back at the apartment finishing some work.
Today I also got some great news.
On sunday morning, I had a model friend ”Etienne” from Germany knock on my hotel door.
Met up with him yesterday monday. And I asked him about the german market, so he hooked me up with the agency he is working with “East west”. Today they emailed me and sad they are very interested, and have many clients wanting a face like mine for their products and Campaigns. Nice I thought.
So now I’m preparing some photos and snapshots to send tomorrow.
MOney in Germany is very good compare to many other markets. There are mostly Catalog jobs there, but they can pay fat doe.
Its 22.15 and most of the girls are out for party tonight. I’m chilling out at home, have early morning tomorrow at 7 am.
Gotta take this job serious ;)
Hope you had a great start on this week.