Friday, February 23, 2007

Dear Players,

Don’t know where to start. Sitting in the breakfast and dinner room at “Peradoor Hotel” together with some other models.
This morning I changed to this hotel. Its more fun here. Met some other models already from Brazil, Argentina, Hungary. We all might be going out tonight for a party ? Some of the models are working the next day (Saturday). So it wont be to late, if we go to party.
To be honest. I don’t like the majority of turkish people I’ve met so far. It seems like there culture is all about hustle and cheat each other. Totally opposite of what I stand for. I might be leaving turkey early next week. People are not friendly at all and its to damn cold here.
Lets see if something happens this week, that will change my mind.
I still deciding where to go after turkey. There are so many places to choose between. Hmmmmmmmmmm ????????
Any suggestions ?



With the guys from my first Hotel".

Hotel Peradoor, where the models are staying from Flash. Very central area.

sightseeing a bit. The wheater was bad today and super cold.

Down at the tramway.


Time for lunch.

Yummy, bread with kebab..

With the other models back at the hotel. In the back "Oscar" from Hungary. the girl on the right from "Oscar is "Alessandra" from Brazil and from the left of her. "Rebecca" from Madrid (Spain).

Stayed home tonight. Still a bit jet lag. So I fall a sleep around 19.00 pm until 01.00 am. Time is now 3.50 am and having some coffe down at the lobby.

Going to bed soon.

Tomorrow we "oscar is going to cock a dinner at friends house, then we all go for party.