Thursday, February 08, 2007


Dear Players,

This morning(THURSDAY) I woke up at 09.00 am, which is really early for me on day’s I'm not working. But today it was work. First thing when waking up. Was to connect the playstation to the television. haha.. Like a kid would do it ;)

I’m a big sleeper and like to drag myself in bed many many hours. A bit hangover from the night before(you saw the photos in my last post). But ready to go for work as always. Today I had meeting with two modeling agencies in Bangkok. “Modelstory & Jim models”. My first meeting was with at Modelstory’s office in Ekkamai Soi 40 at 11 am. To giev them my details,measurements and snaps. Modelstory is owned by a famous makeup artist in Thailand Mr P oh. I know him myself since many years back ”Great guy and very talented”. So while enter the doors of Modelstory I meet their head booker”nikki”that I’ve been in touch with since couple of days back. Nikhil is a very chilled out booker and relaxed guy,good sense of humour and very respectful. He took my measurements and snapshots. Great thing about Modelstory is that they teach their bokkers how to manage makeup as well. So before taking my snapshots, nikihil put me in the makeup chair and made me even more beautiful ;)
Thanks for ambitious, hard working people. After finishing my meeting with Modelstory I sad good bye and told them to contact me if any work is coming up. It didn’t take long before they called. Only few hours later they called me about a casting for a Bank / credit card job. Casting will be next monday.
It will be much better work for me now. After finishing with Modemodels. bangkok has changed a lot since the past couple of years. And modemodels are bringing to many mdoels in. And need to supply all of their models with work. Bangkok has a lot of work but not that much. Instead of having 5-7 good models working everyday and making money. Modemodels have 20-30 male models in town and how do they think each model is going to make money like that. Its impossible.. Thats why its better to freelance in bangkok now with more then one agency. Since many agencies do have the same clients. Many agencies also have their own group of production houses, advertising they work exclusive with.

Had my lunch and breakfast at noon 12 Pm before going to my next meeting with “Jim models”. Jim models have been around for quite sometime now and established a good connexion with many clients. Jim models have more Tv-commercials then editorials, and prints ads. Which is good because its much better payed. But hey if you can do it all. why limit yourself. Look at me. My work is very versatile. I have done everything from Magazine job, fashion shows,Tv-commercials, print ads , campaigns etc etc. The list goes on. And in the modeling circuit its not normal models are working as much as me. I guess why my work has taken me to so many different types of jobs. Must be because I practice a lot my poses time to time in front of the mirror or just by being funny while going out. Many times people think you are stupid as a model or other models perceive you like that. But there’s only one explanation to that when it comes to me. And that what my father told me.”A dumb person can’t play smart, but a smart person can play dumb” GET IT !
So next time you see some person acting dumb. Don’t fool yourself. Because He/she might just fool you ;) GET IT !

Writing my details..

Me with Head Booker Niki.

Taking my measurements. BIG BIG, VERY BIG ;)

Taking my beautiful fat ass on the makeup chair.

Here taking some poses for the camera. In thailand they want you to look very young and smile a lot. That shouldn't be to difficult ;)

Study my commercial poses and practice your smile in front of the mirror everyday. You will see changes right away ;)

My lunch for today..

Back to my day and Jim models.
After lunch,came to their office around 1 o’clock few minutes before scheduled time.

Writing down my details...

And taking some quik snapshots...

The bookers at Jim’s was surprise to see me. Since I have been very exclusive with mode models for many years. They where thrilled to see me and seemed excited to work with me. I guess they wanted to work with me before, but couldn't since I was tied up with mdoemodels... So that’s great news for a start, they happy to see me.. It’s always nice to enter the door’s of a agency and they give you the best possible feeling and encouragement about that you will do well...
That’s how all agencies should be. Even if its a lie. Lie’s sometimes can give people the hope they need to hear for achieving their dreams. But someone needs to tell it ?? There are good and bad lie’s. Lying to yoursel isnt a bad thing to start making success. Always lie good things to yourself. In the end.. Is your mind playing you, or are you the one playing your mind ??? Ask yourself that question. It starts with your own beliefs.
Remember that !
Hope you had a great day with many good lies ;)

After my meetign with Jim models. I surprised Avi and took her to "Apple Shop" to buy her a new 'Macbook'. So she can keep track on all the busines idea's running in her head everyday. I never stopped believing in her potentials to become a great business woman and mother. I see her as a diamond that need a bit of polish. Same goes for me.. We can always improve ourselfs.

Back at our Hotel with our two babies "RIBBO" & "FOX". RIBBO is my baby. "Fox" is Avi's..


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