Saturday, February 10, 2007


Dear Players,

Two nights ago (thursday night), Avi and me fell as sleep very early ”7 Pm”. Exhausted from that day meeting’s and shopping around bangkok Woke up couple of hours later working and played Playstation all night, until the next morning 11 am (Today). Got myself some rest between the games though. Since I’m not working exclusive with any agencies anymore, bookings for job will be quiet this week, especially also because the weekend is coming up. Got some phone calls from ‘MODELSTORY’ about some Job’s coming up soon”end of this month feb”.. But the budgets for those jobs weren’t that good. The jobs ‘Modelstory’ wanted to push me for, was extra roles in two Tv-commercials. The thing is that I never do extra roles depending on how I will work with of course. During my 5 years in the business and have shoot more then 40 commercials. I always been the leading role or extra when the girl is having leading role. I always make sure to do the big job’s first and not small. Its important to have a agency promoting you well as a model. If not, the models reputation and value will go down the hall way. I never let myself be sold cheap. Like many models today. They sell them self to cheap or their agency do. Many models lack negotiation skills in terms of business, money and what their value is. Not knowing your value and what you can give. You will have difficult becoming successful. There’s a saying that goes like this” Know your business baby”. I have worked the fashion for 5-6 years now full time 5-6 days a week. If you have a modeling agency pushing for jobs. Always make sure the tell you what the budget and usage are before sending you to the casting. It’s a waste of time when a agency send you for casting etc, and then after telling you the budget is shit or something else.. End of the day its not just abut money. It’s other key factors as well..Always make sure to have all the details before going to castings and work.
One of the key element for SUCCESS !
I have learned to put this element in use. So can you ;)


'Lucky' you will have the hat within3 day's. Sorry to have keep't you waiting. I added 3stickers for you as well ;)

Also took myself some time for grocery shopping !


Player daddy

Ia there more the then us"Me,Avi,ryan" who is cant see the pictures either on my blog ????????????????

Maybe is the macbook ???