Thursday, February 08, 2007


Dear Players,

How are you all tonight ?

Me and Avi are great, much better then yesterday.( Thanks) Still sorting things out though. Last night we went out for some drinks and dance again. Started our night at a place called ‘Flix’ located at RCA area. Its a place which holds a lot of different clubs and people from all ages. Its very modern and nice. Just newly renovated the last 2 years back. Music is very good and hip, to be bangkok I must say. “You can call it (One night in Bangkok” haha...
We stayed at (Flix Club) for 1 1/2 about before taking off to next club called”Tunnel”. which turned out to be closed, once we got there. Bangkok clubs are all closing down at 2 am everyday because of the laws and police. Bangkok is well know for its drugs in the night scene. That’s why the cops make razzias all over bangkok time to time. To catch foreigners and rob them on their money, because of carrying or using illegal substances. Well.. We all have a living to make, right ??? Not !
So after tunnel club.. Me and Avi went to Silom soi 2 which is a famous gay street in bangkok. Many years ago when I came to bangkok. I use to come to this bar street a lot with my gay friends of mine. Hanging out with my gay friends and their friends are far more interesting then hanging out with models and model clubs. gay community is fun and crazy. Once you get to know gay people and respect them for what they want in life. You will soon see that things in you life are becoming much more easier and interesting. What I love about gay people and the community.. Is that they don’t give a fuck about what other people think about them. The tell people who tehy are, and you better accept it or not. Avi told me the other day.” Patrick ! You know one of the reason I love you is because your way of being so comfortable with around gay guys.” I sad yes of course, why wouldn’t I be ;) Gay people gave color to this world. We shoudl appreciate their love and dedication for what they believe in. Without gay people there wouldn’t be any fashion, fashion icons, etc etc. The line goes on. So being around gay community, can teach you as a person a lot. That is one of my element for success. Be around different environment cultures, people. even if you dont understand. Eventually you will understand each other. Study it, learn from it and respect it. Thats what many male models can’t. I have noticed... TO BAD FOR THEM ;)
Here are some photos from our night yesterday. Now having this new camera. There will be a lot more pictures everyday to look out for ;)
Hope you had a fun and successful day with a lot of love and dedication.

Patrick & Avi

Avi & me outside Flix Club bangkok.

Inside flix club... Female Dj spinning last night...

Our gasoline to party at FLIX Club !

Making out by the bar ;)

Doing my thing ;)

Flirting with the barman ;) haha...

While leaving Flix Club" I took myself a pose".. Why not !

At Dj station
Silom soi 2 (bangkok).

Avi having fun at Silom soi 2.

Me & avi hanging out with gay friends of mine.. I havent seen for ages. Will do it over again tomorrow ;)

Lets get dirty baby ;)

Thats all.

Good night PLAYERS !

Universa Player.