Sunday, January 07, 2007

today(Sunday I woke up at 7 am for Clinic shampoo Tv commercial that will be aired around Asia pacific.
Have posted a small video from today's workshop.
Sorry if the quality and editing is not the best. I'm still learning how to edit my videos for better quality.
of course I dont want you guys to look at, something that would hurt the eyes ;)
Give me some time and the videos will be rocking ...

I tried to post some of my old Tv-Commercials done in Thailand 3-4 years ago. But something went wrong while trying to upload the videos to If you havent seen thai Tv-commercials before,. They are hilarious and very creative. Thailand is famous for their creative Directors and Producers. Many worldwide tvc's are done in thailand, some of the reasons why clients prefer to shoot in Thailand. The production is far more cheaper here then other countries. But it doesnt mean, the quality is bad. ITS ACTUALLY GREAT ;)
Once again...
Thank you for all the support with my thrive in passion for fashion.
Especially to Kit-Kat and Victoria, who posted so nicely comments on my blog today.
I think the ( person) understood your messages ;)
It really touches me to know you guys like and appreciate what I do.
After all, this blog is for You !

Back to work now....
Hope you had a great weekend ?
Have a great start for the next one.