Saturday, January 06, 2007

First of all..
I would like to say thanks to YOU. For all the support of emails and comments about the (Person).
I'm speechless...
Some people just dont know when to give up... ahhh..
If this "Person" who is leaving all these dumb comments on my blog. Spend more time on himself and something that would generate himself more then his stupid comments. The "Person" would be nearly almost successful as me. But of course I dont need to tell him that. I'm sure he knows ?
Thats why the'Person" is still leaving comments frequently. And I'm happy to respond to his dumb comments. If it makes him feel better. Why not ? I'm a very kind, caring person....
Working in the fashion i've [cum] across alot of people from all over the world, and this is a good example of a "Person" who is in desperately need of attention and a good shag. I'm sorry but I cant give him more then my attention ;) hahahaha.
The fact is that the"Person" doesn't even have "balls" to leave his/her name while commenting on my blog. Instead the "Person" leaves his comment under anonymous. hah. Judging from the"Person's"typing, it seems to be a young teenage boy with hormones talking.
One thing for sure is that we all can learn from a "Person" like this.
Because, now im careful about my typing. So this "Person" have taught me to be more thoughtful in my typing wich is a plus for me.. THANK YOU !
Not only that. But this "Person" is contributing with so much content for my blog that it suddenly became even more interesting to read it ;) If I wasent a supermodel before, the ( Person) sure made me to one ;)
And people like the "Person" is definitly not even close to put down someone like me.
It actually motivates me to do more. So I'm planning now to update my blog. Not only ONE TIME per day, but 3 TIMES
a day.
Lets see if you can keep up with that ?
Ps: This comment under posted by Ryan. I think the "Person" should read it. I hope the "Person" can apply and learn from it.
In all honesty patrick, i read your blog because i am interested in what you do, and i think that you have a fantastic an interesting life.

Clearly the people who have posted such negative comments above are just purely insecure - If you were insecure as one of "the people" said, you would not have a blog of your whole life in the open for people around the world to criticise - Clearly if they read your blog everyday, there is osmething inside of them that attracts them to you - hell, they probably wish they were you, but are just jealous f**ks and could never get to the places you have gotten yourself.

And also, who gives a shit about your english - All you need in life is people skills and a great sense of humour - and good looks are an extra - clearly you have al three so good on you.

I would also like to say, that how sad are people that say they read your blogs purely to laugh at you? Who with any sanity would ever do that? Clearly some internet fukn nerd that has no life and wants to perve on a good looking guy!

So seriously patrick, do what your doing - There are a lot of people that love to read in on you every day, and just enjoy life - Its obvious that stupid comments like those above would not offend you, since you are confident enought to know that they are honestly low low people.
This is what I call good english !

By the way.
There is always room for improvement. ( Public speaking for Success by Dale Carnegie).

So back to my fashion again.
Here are some photos from yesterday test shoot with french photographer Francois Matthys.
Will get more pictures by tomorrow.
So i'll post some photos here for your viewing. Frost yourself. And appreciate this work of Art.
This shoot is from francois's terazza.
His work is amazing. He really knows how to capture the beauty of a person. And there was no production for this shoot'Amazing".. We just went to visit him and francois sad" Hey lets shoot". Very impromptu....

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