Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday afternoon 1 pm.
Hair treatment for Clinic Shampoo at Lounge Salon( Sukhumvit 31). Arrived at the salon 20 minutes late. I’m always on time for appointments,but not today. A bit tired the last days from not getting enough sleep, but still excited about my work and the future. Doesn’t matter though what field or profession/Status you have. Its very important in all businesses to be on time. I usually arrive 10-20 minutes before ”call time” for my shoots and appointments. I”m glad and grateful my father thought me these values while I was young. It has helped me allot during my travel.

After getting my hair done I went to visit my agency (Modemodels) in Bangkok.
Here are some photos of the modeling agency for YOU.

Inside the agency..

The best Bookers in the world.. Mr Wat and to the left of him lovley Ms Ying.

Fashion department. Booker P kaew shes been like a sister to me.

Before new year 2007.
I met a male model in Bangkok(Thailand) who is very new to the fashion industry. He didn't do that well in Bangkok(Thailand) because his look is not for this market. So he wanted to shift market where there was more 'Work' and 'Money' to make,(which is reasonable)...
So I took him under my wings. Scanned his portoflio and prepared his E-card, snaps and contacted different agencies around the world.
The first agency I contacted, is the top agency ( in Singapore that I'm working myself with since couple of years back."THEY'RE GREAT"
I knew it would be a great ide to present him for this agency, since he is new to the business and need photos/tearsheets for his portfolio. The owner of the agency is a very well know photographer around Asia. It would have been great for the "Model" portfolio and network to work with this agency and photographer.
So I asked the"Model" end of december to decide what he wanted to do with his life ?. He didn't know he told me.. I was shocked at first, to hear the guy didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. But at the same time I understood him. Being new to the business, thinking the 'mother agency' working for you, will take care of everything.. (That's a lie, they don't.) And when I say this. I don't mean all mother agencies(of course not)... "Today society you need to do everything yourself and more. Cant just sit around and wait for things come to you...
After new year,beginning of January . I bumped in to the "Model" at our hotel. He told me( I want to leave for Singapore with the agency you had hooked me up with Patrick). And this was the day before he wanted to leave. "Talk about not planning ahead".
So I contacted the agency and asked if they wanted to represent him for Singapore market. It turns out the agency in Singapore have changed their mind about representing this"Malemodel". When I told him that,the agency in Singapore decided to go with other models instead of him. He was stunned. So I told him" When things are being offered,think well' because that might just have been the" breakthrough" for you.. And this is what separates successful people from the masses. That you can see this lopholes for success.( And when I say success) I dont mean 'Money'. I meant other things that will be to a great value throughout your lifetime. Like good 'Pictures' for example.
I presented him to two agencies in Hongkong - Models International & Calcarries.
Got email back from one of the agencies(Calcarries), telling me they are interest to see him on Monday at 3 pm.
He seemed to be more than OK with that.
The"Model" flew to Hongkong last week(friday) to stay with some friends.

I emailed him..
And said that I will followup with (Models International), just in case if this agency(Calcarries) dont go through. "It turned out (Calcarries) didnt wanted to work with him".
Today(Monday) I called the "Model"on his cellphone in Hongkong.... Because I received an email from Models International saying that theyr are interested to see him.
He told me they already spoke to eachother and they wanted to start working with him right away.
So while he visited this agency(Models International) 'that I work myself with in Hongkong". The"Model" had told the agency nothing about'ME' to them as his representative ?
Though the agency(Models International) had asked me to send him over for casting ?
Speaking to the "Model" on the phone. The"Model" is playing stupid and pretends like he doesnt even know that I presented him for this agency (Model International). Just so he can save 5% of his earnings.
5% is the scouting fee I charge the models from their earnings when I put them through for work around the world.
This is one of the reason I dont like to hang with many models, most of them dont have values/integrity as well acting cheap and settle for less... People like this"Model" bring shame on the word Integrity.
I love my work(modeling) and everything around it.
I dont like to hang with dumb models. Who does ?
But then again. This is what proves if a person will go far or not. "YOU THINK SMALL, YOU GET SMALL".
One of the reason why I wanted to help him,was because I pitty him for not having money and being stoned all the time.
In any businesses, remember HONESTY is a very important policy.
Remember this for your own success.
Your Universal Player.