Monday, January 15, 2007


Monday afternoon..
Woke up a 14.30 pm. Had a long Sunday night, working and preparing for this week events.
This week I’m doing a lot of production of my calendar and book - it’s a huge project and a lot of work ahead, from getting publishing company, the team who will shoot it, the launch party, and marketing, sponsorships etc etc...
Approached some designer and big companies around the world already about my project.
I’m trying to get people to advertise in my book, especially the brands I have worked for earlier in my career. Working on the business proposal to be emailed out end of this week.
I love to work 24/7 and do things fast. I really a hate when things are taking time. So many times emailing clients or companies, it happens they never get back in time. It makes me furious, especially when approaching big brands.
Of course I understand they are busy as well. But this is a business proposal that doesn’t come by everyday ;) One important thing to become successful, don’t let people wait.
Today I had one casting to attend 30 minutes away from my hotel. Its for print ad and magazine work, around next month(february).

Yepp, The player hat comes with me ;)

After casting I passed by the modeling agency (mode models) to say hi .I bumped in to the owner " p oh" who is like a brother to me.
P oh & me P'oh is a very young intelligent guy and has a great caring heart for people.

I like being in close contact to my bookers and agency..
Here is head Booker " P Jung".

As a “Model” its very important you keep good vibes with your booker as they are the ones putting YOU forward for work. I don’t mean you should suck up to them (Just a bit) ;)
Keep them informed about your plans and your previously work week. They will appreciate it.
So I’m now in a cab, on my way to buy some groceries. From today, we’ll be much much healthier.. I had too much nuts & some beers the last week while working o front of my computer.
I'd didnt get any time for my workout today, as Im caught in building my own brand"Universal Player".

Time is now 02.47 am in the morning and I'm still working my ass off to get things done.
Tomorrow wake up call at 09.30 am, will be a hectic day with meetings etc.
Will manage myself to the gym tomorrow for sure, and post you guys some nice PUMP's.

Hope your day was inspiring ?

P.S. I saw that some Player comments had been posted to my blog.
Keep them coming, I will select the person who got closest to the concept by next week.

What is a Universal Player to YOU ?????????????

Help me create my brand...