Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wake up call at 10 am..
Received my wake up call by 10 am from the reception downstairs. Answered the phone, then got back to bed. Planned to drag myself in bed for 10 minutes more, which turned out to be 3 hours more. hee
Finally got my ass out of bed by 1 p m. Woke up by a man calling from a Thai factory for slippers....
I got myself ready for today casting & metings. But first I needed to answer some emails and finalize my business proposal for sponsorships. I'm currently trying to find sponsors who want to advertise in my book that will be sold online & offline key locations wordwide.
Its a hard work a head, but so far my wife and me see this a great interesting challenge to complete..
Got my self to the first casting at 15.30. The casting was for a Department store"Central Chidlom" print Ad.
A lot of kids jumping around, when I got there. All the other models where already done before me.

Many times while attending castings. ALWAYS, try to be the first or the last. Why ? Everyone knows the importance of first impression. So when if you are among the first on the list to cast for the job, make sure to put on a hell of a show for the client. I dont mean that you are gonnna be a clown. Nooo... I mean.. Look fresh and stand straight with a relax positive attitude. Clients love to meet models who are excited about their project. Coming as the last model for casting doesnt mean its bad pr. Many times ive been to castings and the clients have seen all the mdoels and not find the one for the job, thats when you should know and feel it from their energy while looking at your portfolio. This is you chance to charm them, dont lose it...
Showed my book for the person in charge of casting and headed for my next one at "The Mall" in Bangkapi area, about 40 minutes away by taxi with.. And that with no traffic jams.
Makeup again.....

The makeup artist.. What I smile... I thought she/he was going to eat me, hahahaha ;)

In Thailand the hair stylists always make you look so funny in the hair. I hate it.. But its part of the work. Either you work with it or you better change career. So many times I've heard "so called models" complaininging about everything you can emagine from,"the food is to spicy, no water, to much work, not enough work, over time by 10 minutes etc etc bla bla" the list goes on my friend... Remember this is something you shouldnt do, if you want to become the best in your life & work.....
Lunch break.. Got my self some nice chinese vegetarian dumplings with noodle soap. Mmmmmmm

Hitching a cab to head back to the modeling agency"modemodels'

Also tody I have something "SPECIAL" for YOU who have waited so long for some Pump's. heeee
Arrived at the gym around 10.30 pm after a long day of casting, meting and traffic jams.
As you might know, I havent been to the gym for sometime now. About 3 weeks to be exact. Even longer with uploading some good "PUMPS".
Once I got to the gym. I bought myself a new 1 month membership card. It put me back about 40 usd. Wich is pretty cheap for such a great gym like this.

Hope you'll enjoy the workout video ?

Time is now 03.17 am and about to head for bed finally. ahhhhhhh...
Need to wake up soon in 4 1/2 hour from now. Have a photoshoot for Clinic shampoo. Last time, the client werent happy with the production house layout. So we need to do it all over again.
The final shooting date for this print ad will be on the 22 & 23 this month..
Last photo for the day. Yepp, thats me by the computer.haha

off to bed now...
Hve a great day and a perfect start for tomorrow ;)