Wednesday, January 17, 2007


08.00 am wakup call from the reception..
After only four hours sleep, my body is kind of exchausted.
Woke up to see my wife still working on the business projects ...
Told her to sleep, once I'm off for the shoot. My wife is just ike me. Can work for hours non-stop without getting tired. Since we both really love what we do. We are the ultimate couple for eahcother.
That's how I fall in love with her. First time I saw her. I could see and feel that we had so much in common, without knowing her. She has this strong aura that glows around her when she enters the room. I feelt like Ive finally met my match "Universal female Player". I actually named her after some time togheter, to ' SLY". Why I choose the name "SLY" was because it suits her perfect.. She's a very strong beautiful woman with killer smile that could make even the coldest object to melt. She has that glimt in the eye and look, you just cant take your eyes off. Also, she is very outgoing and straight forward just like me. Last but not least. Calculated moves.... That's what "SLY" stands for.. She loves to try new things ;) and dont settle for less. Will be alot more of us two later on in my blog for sure...
So I left the hotel and off to the photoshoot.

Part 2


Supporters of Universal Player !

Seems like everything worked out though, even if I came late for the last casting. I actually got to meet the big boss in the back, where her office was located. Took off my shirt and showed her my packs :)
From the way she talking to me ,it sounded they are interested to work with me. After many years in the business you kind of know when and if you get the casting you been to.
One thing that could stop me from this job, would be that I cant do underwear jobs in Thailand for 1 year. Since I'm contracted with Clinic shampoo. And in the contract it says, I'm not alowed to any underwear shoots ;(
Anyway. sometimes I do get away with issues like these. I mean.. Its good PR for them to have a hot guy strutting his pack in underwear. Right ??????

On the way home. I lost my phone in the cab..
Luckily the cab driver came back to my hotel and dropped it for me.
Thank you lord for such a great human beings. Wish we had more of them ;)


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