Friday, January 19, 2007

Work work work.......

What have I've been doing for these past 2 days. WORKING.........
Yesterday I was working all day long on my Book and Calendar. All the energy goes into it now.
Want it to be really fresh and different from anything this world has seen before. Just like me ;)
Had one casting yesterday, for a company called "Butler & Wilson". Is a company based in Uk and has a great variety of customers. From normal average working people to famous hollywood actresses to royalties "like princess Diana when she was alive".
Sat down with the direcor Mr simon and showed him my portfolio. We got in to a chat mood after sometime. We spoke about his business in the Uk ,the world and I'm about my business and ideas for the future.
It's great to meet people like Mr simon, who really do what he loves everyday. Just like me...
I could have sit and discussed matters with Mr Simon all night long. Like he was my father..
Today I also have been working on the book and calendar all day long. I was able to squezze in one meting with hairstylist "Sompon tirin" at his hair salon The Lounge in Sukhumvit Soi 31 by 6 pm.

In the cab to meet "Somporn Tirin at his salon. Cleansing my body with some fresh Green tea..

He is very interested to work with me on this project, and I'm very happy and excited to have him onboard for my project as well.
I'm teaming up with some of the best people in the fashion business here in thailand. Which is great of course...
Was also able to get a great stylist and old friend of mine "P Is" . If you saw my shoot from (Volume magazine) that I posted here couple of weeks ago ? You can see that he was the one who styled that shoot. Interesting !
Will meet up with the hole team by next week and discuss the project further.
Couple of days ago I contacted a modeling agency in Sweden and asked if they could represent me for my home country "Sweden" and some other markets worldwide.
I wrote them a very nice email explaining what my plans are etc. And told them to visit my website
to see if they where interested to work with me along with some other important clippings.
I received this email from one of the bookers.

thanks for taking the time to forward Your material to us.
Becoming a model is not easy. Unfortunately we do not feel that You
have all the conditions required. If change will appear within the
next year/s (for instance if You do not have required height today
but should grow) pls. feel free to apply again.
If You wish to find out more about what is required pls. check our

Thanks again for choosing to contact us.
I mean.. Did this person really check my website ????????
Haha. At least the person could have spent a bit more time to make the email personal.
Even though I understand her point as well. Why waist time to make a email, when you can sent an already composed one.
But I would never build my business like that.
From my perspective and owner of >ribbsaetermodels. You shall reply people in the matter you recevied the email.
Of course we all dont share the same thoughts.
1 year ago when I contacted them, they sounded very interested. Especially the " Director" of the agency.. Maybe I should have contact the director first this time as well.
Anyway, they dont know what they missing out on, right ;)

So today its friday.
I just got back from my gym. Its now 12.49 pm
Gonna have myself some food, and continue my work with the book.
Have great weekend.

P.S Better hurry up, if you want to win the Universal Player Hat. It will go to the person who can guess the concept for my calendar 2008 and give the best description why He/She should win it.
The winner will be announced on this sunday..
Good luck guys.

P.S Bitchey Mickey... You are in good spot bro ;)
Today I received a jo " campaign for Lenovo" I did 3 months back in singapore. Got it from my friend " Isk "in singapore. He was very kind to email these pics to me. ) Thanks man, appreciate alot) Many time its difficult to get to see your work when traveling as a model. Because you stay in one place for only 1-3 month at a time, and most of the work comes out after you've left the country.
I always try to follow up on my past work. And so should you...
Its important you do it your self. Dont have the modeling agency do it for you... " Trust me" They busy with other things...