Saturday, January 13, 2007

Meting with photographer P Yai to discuss my calender for 2008.
Aftr finishing my meting with P yai. I feelt much more relaxed about the project.
P Yai introduced me to one of Thailands top stylists. Who might be working with us fot this project.
Afterwards me and avi head for 2 casting witch turned out to be one casting only..
The cab driver who was suppose to take us for the first one, couldn't find the place so we started to argue. And then he kicked us on the street. ahaha... Crazy guy...
So we got help from several people to try to find this place. But nobody seemed to know where it was.
After sometime of looking and changing motorbikes,talking to people etc etc. We finally decided to skip that casting and went on for Avi's second one.
At the second one every thing was floating smooth.
Here is a video from our day..

Have some great news to tell YOU.
Today I recevied one merchandise from the factory that will be creating my clothing line..
It is a Hat... And I'm sure you will like it ;)
I love it myself.......
Will post the details here on Sunday..
Also I did some changes with my blog.
Hope YOU like the new look ?

Post me your Playa talk...
Patrick ;)