Thursday, January 11, 2007


3rd day for Clinic Clear shampoo Tv-commercial.
call time 11.30 am...
Had a driver from "Moontime" studio to come and pick me up from my hotel 'Rompo Mansion'.
Arrived at the location around 30 minutes later. We where lucky with the traffic on the way. As Thailand is one of the most traffic jammed countries in the world. traffic light here can take ages, so you always need to plan the the route one day before.
Its actually good for a short period of time. Because when I think of it. I can honestly say my life is more organized and planned ahead. Thanks to these damn redlights ;)
As I've told "YOU" before. See all the negatives experience/sides, as a positive way to improve your life. Do that... And you will see alot of changes right away. DON'T WAIT, START TOMORROW !
Anyway,back to the tv-commercial.
We finished the 2 second day very late night around 2 am. Been shooting non-stop for about 20 hours.
So when I arrived today for the last shoot. My body was very tired.
When shooting tv-commercials its very important to stay fresh, especially the "Eyes". For close up shoots.
The acting for tv-commercials is different compare to normal acting and drama.
The cuts are short and you need to incorporate so many different expressions and feelings at the same time for a short second.
Afterwards the client and production crew checks the tape in slow motion. So they can find all the necessary adjustments to make the commercial complete.
It's interesting to see how a 30 second commercial is being made from (idea,casting the models, setting up location,post production etc etc...
Im very happy about this project,because I always wished for doing a Hair-commerical since I've started my modeling career..
Finally I can wipe it out from my chalkboard and continue to my next wish.
The director wrapped up todays shoot quite fast, only 5 hours in the studio.
I was very impressed by the lighting crew work and team spirit. I saw how hard they worked, many more hours and alot heavier work force then me. And making some small amount end of the day. It really makes me appreciate more, of other peoples generosity and work effort.
My best wishes and regards today.. Goes to the crew of Clinic Shampoo tv-commercial Thailand 2006. For hard work and superb dedication.
This is the only pic I have from today shoot. " I know,dont say anything :) I look like a girl,right ? hahaha

After the Tv-commercial finished,..
I headed direct to another tvc casting for Citi bank at "Matching studio". Check out this video for tips on "CORPORATE" casting poses. The casting director wanted a laid back look. Take some of my easy poses and practice infront of the mirror and it'll be a lot easier next time you work. Remeber to stay "RELAX" - as the song goes in Zoolander.

Oh yeah.
Dont now if you "YOU" read my blog about the agent "Sabrina Savoyaud" who cheat models and agencies around the world ?
I posted a beware information on as well emailed my hole network around the world about this person.
Yesterday I received this email among many.....
hello...i'm a french model and also i've been cheated by sabrina.i'm
waiting for money for a job since september and the client had to pay
her before i work..she doesn't pay anyone, models..;drivers(tey
didn't get money for 3 months), housemaid and so on...
i've seen your message on jurgita...i put the link on my website to
warn the other models..;thank you...
you have a great book, nice picture and website...
good luck for the futur and happy new year..
best regards from paris, france
This is crazy. If you have been approached by this crazy female person as well.."Run and don't look back. Make sure the money is wih you".
I dont like to talk bad/shit about people, but I see this as mine and your responsibility.
We should all care and support eachother in cases like this to not let it happend again.
Enjoy your day!

*IN MY NEXT POST, I'll post a sample of how I do my casting (this is especilly for "Salue" who posted a comment for help.) Keep the QUESTIONS & comments coming...I'll be glad to help.