Wednesday, January 10, 2007


2nd day for the Clinic Clear Tv-commercial.
Didn't get much sleep from the first day. Got to bed 2 hours(04.00 am) before I was going to wake up again(05.30) for second day shoot.
I defintely need to learn how to sleep (and spell) before my shoots. Always get so excited before I'm doing a job, everytime seems like the "first" except that I have alot of experience now. Compare to before when I was new.
It feels great to know your business. Things become so much more easier...
I'm so happy about myself that iv'e really found what I love the most and that I can wake up every morning doing the same thing without feeling bad.
But of course "Good Looks" doesn't last forever for sure - or does it? :). Also need to expand yourself as a person if things don't work out...
Life in unpredictable, anything can happen so live your day like it was your last and remember to plan ahead. This is a small part of my philosophy I want to share with you. Will share more with you later.
Here are some pictures from the shoot.

Take 2...