Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Its 08.00 am
At theHotel getting ready for my lovley day.

Today photoshoot is for The mall Bangkok togheter with Brazilian model"jefferson"..
Here in the taxi togheter. Jefferson pulls out his book and does some reading.

The job today is for "In trend magazine" and In store photos.. The stylist told me, my photo will be featured as the COVER for february issue. Nice ;)
I'm very happy about today shoot. The photos are awsome and the team was super great to work with.
Thats a perfect day for me, being able to work with very talented people and on top of that " Amazing Photos of yourself ". I'm Very easy going as person and never ask for to much. I guess that is one of the key tools for my success.

Hair & Makeup

Props for the shoot. There was a hole bunch of clothes', bags and accessories for the shoot.


My lunch: Tuna fish salad.. Yummy.

Photos from today.
Remember these pic's are taken with my nokia phone, so quality is not that good.
Wait until I get the proper tearsheets ;)
I'm the guy to the right in white jump suit.

Me on the right . throwing myelf up in the Air.

Me on the left. Giving my finger. Dont fuck with me ;)

For more of my pictures.
Please visit my official website.

After finishing my shoot. Back home to see my beautiful and lovely wife "Avi Siwa". Damn, I love my life :)
Today somebody who doesn't have the balls.. Left these dumb comments again on my blog.. I mean. What's up with this losers/person or people. Don't they never learn ?
Give a me break.
This comment below is what the anonymous loser posted.
Patrick, please admit it: you are NOT a supermodel. You are a model who thinks he is a supermodel... And another thing man: You're seriously loosin' it... "Universal Player"??? LOL, you really ARE funny!
Here are the pictures from some people in the group posting stupid comments.

I found her blog under google.com
Please have a look and tell me what do you think ???
Does her life and blog sounds interesting to you ?
Nooooooooooooooooo..... Didn't think so...
I think her blog was dull and useless. I can understand why she hate my guts for having such a great content.

Dont now if you heard about the News with "Shilpa sheety" from Big Brother Uk ?
I say the same to you as she did. " This is your claim to fame Mira and Alishia".
Actually I think these girls are in love with me or just jealous of my beautiful wife. I mean how old could they be from looking at their pictures 15 ?

By the way.
I'm not the one who's saying I'm a supermodel.
The MEDIA all over the world is saying that, so doe's my work. And that's a fact baby. And how can you argue with facts. Tell me that ?

What have you done for yourself, then leaving these dumb comments ? I guess nothing. Happy to be a inspiration to you though.

"Lucky" I have received your adress. Will send you the hat end of the week. Congrats once again to you.
"Vicotoria". some people never learn. Its always jealousy. But thanks for your support ;)
"Alisia" Nice to hear from you. How's Singapore ? Today you can find everything under google :) I guess you know what I mean ? heee..

For the people posting dumb comments in the future..
You are wasting your time.
As Iv'e told before in my blog.
If You spend more time thinking on your future. You would be almost nearly as successful as me.
Once again. Since you enjoying leaving comments on my blog and I also want you to know. I thank you for bringing me content and making it more interesting. Good as bad comments will be much appreciated.
There is a saying that goe's like this. If you dont have enemies, make some. Did you get that ? I''m sure you didn't since its business talk, and I dont think you now anything about that. haha
I'm sure you are inspired by my blog and would love to have the same life as me. But sorry. Impossible...
You are born to be a follower and doesnt' seem to do anything to change that. While you have me with this excellent blog, life and future ahead.
I set the trends, you follow them. hahaha
That's a fact.
How about posting your photos and real names and let's see what you have achieved.
Did you see the Donald Trump versus Rossie O'Donnell news? For you who leaves these pathetic comments, you just compared yourself to Rossie, a SLOB loser.
Your supermodel,
Patrick ;)